To The Kinghorn!

25 11 2007

Sunday, November 25th, 2007 ~There were a whole gang of us at Rockport today. Myself, Steve, Francois, Carmen, Steve S, Blake, Jeff, Oren, James Y, Derek, and Martin K went for a swim to the Kinghorn! There were video cameras everywhere, so I didn’t bring mine along. I was out to test my new suit again! We had a most excellent day, and alot of fun!


When we made the swim back, and were at 30′, I seemed to have a bit of trouble dumping the air from my suit. I was contorting my arm like some crazy ol’ disco dancer, but to no avail. I reached over and rechecked the dump valve, and it had closed a bit. Open sesame… burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp… there it goes! This valve seems much more sensitive to turning, so I’ll have to keep an extra ear to the ground, and make sure I check it often. Once the valve was open, it was clear sailin’! I did check it previously, but it seemed to make it’s own way, just a hair.

I cannot stress how satisfied I am with this suit. I’m really not trying to sound like a commercial, but … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. really… it was worth it. I’m one happy camper. I’m a happy DUI Dog owner! RUFF!!

Bottom Time ~ 62 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 90′
Water Temp. ~ 42
Vis. ~ 70’+

We all went for lunch and laughs afterwards. Alot of fun, and good to see a few people that I haven’t seen in a while!

Until next week at the Gaskin!! Ahoy~~

A DUI Good Day!

24 11 2007

Saturday, November 24th, 2007 ~Well.. the news was good.. my suit had finally arrived at the shop. I tried to contain my excitement, as I still had to face the hard part… making sure it fit. Myself, Steve, and Francois left Ottawa with bright sunshine, a ton of snow on the ground, and a one way ticket to Kingston! By the time we made it to Brockville, the sun had disappeared behind a very grey sky, and a freakin’ snow blizzard! We finally pulled up to NTD, where there wasn’t much snow on the ground at all, just grey skies.


We went inside, and there was this bright yellow halo surrounding a box on the floor. The name on it read, “DUI.” I immediately made my way to it, as if it were calling my name. I still tried to contain my excitement… it still had to fit.. it still had to fit…

One foot…oo… good fit on the turbos… two feet…oo.. nice! Pulled it up… legs perfect… We had to cut the wrist seals in order for me to get my hands through, and were grimmacing with every cut… one hand in… second hand in… Omg… this is going too well….

Ok.. have to trim neck seal a bit… sweat is pouring off of all of us.. Me, because I was wearing 4th Element Arctic undies with a drysuit on, Steve and Francois, because they were snipping my seals (and were under serious pressure to get it right), and Vinnie, because.. well.. because he is nice and he cares about us.
Ok, my head is through.. perfect trim! Now for the zipper… Holy smoke.. did they glue it down? We got it done up.. and OMFG…. perfect perfect perfect perfect… I was so freakin’ happy, I didn’t even know what to say…

Next step was to figure out if my fins would still fit me. My previous suit had giant, funky rubber boots, and I was now in some sexy, slim turbo soles. OO.. they were a bit big… We shortened the springs, and they seemed good to go!

Now we had to go diving.. I had to give this puppy a test drive! We hit the road for Rockport ~ the same dive that Carm and I had done last Sunday. It is a nice, easy shore dive, and we can get a little bit of depth, for me to test out my suit. I was really wanting to make sure that I could use the dump valve. My previous suit had a cuff dump, and my new one has a shoulder dump.

We entered the water as it was getting dark, I put on my fins.. which felt really loose around my feet. I could wiggle my feet around inside them! Ok.. it’s just a bit different, let’s see how it goes… I could reach my valves easily, stretch out.. omg.. this suit just feels amazing..

Out we go.. tons of fish, crayfish, mud puppies… life everywhere… Holy smoke… I am in freakin’ heaven. My suit just feels like the shizzle on the nizzle. We made our way out to some wreckage, that lays in about 60′, and I was getting a bit chilled, so we turned around. I think I had a grin on my face about a mile wide. Ok.. now to worry about the dump…I was wondering if I was doing it right, as I was not hearing the air come out of the valve. Apparently I was, as I wasn’t getting any air floating around inside. To compensate though, just in case, I dumped a little bit more air than usual from my wing, just to be on the safe side.

Bottom Time ~ 47 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 63′
Water Temp. ~ 45
Vis. ~ Well.. as far as our lights would shine ~ Very clear

My feet did get cold on this dive. The big rubber boots were “funky,” but did keep my feet warm. Diving all winter long last year, I never once had cold feet. I was wearing the same thing I always wear on my feet (small white socks with fleece MEC socks over top), and it’s not going to cut it with the turbos. Since there is quite alot of room in the tubo sole sock, I think I’m going to head out to Dive Tech in the morning, to pick up the 400g DUI booties. It will take care of the chilly toes as well as take up the space in the turbos.

Wow… I am in serious DUI heaven tonight, and can’t wait to get my butt in the water tomorrow!! Wooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!!!

Hallelujah! Back In The Water!

17 11 2007

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 ~

Well.. holy smoke… What a relief!! Back in the water!!! A whole gaggle of us met at Rockport Dive, thanks to Jeff, who allowed us use of his dock, as well as shuttled a few of us out to the Kinghorn.

Myself, Carm, Tom, Sean F, Jen E, Nancy, and Jeff boarded the boat, while Steve, Leigh, Kevin, Vinnie, Sean M, and Oren scootered over to the wreck. Tom ended up staying on the boat while the rest of us headed down to dive. The Kinghorn is a wooden wreck with a steel hull, that sits about 200 yards from the shore. There is slight current on it, and several artifacts inside, that are very interesting to look at. It sits in about 90′, and is 133′ long. We swam through the cargo holds, posed for some pics (of which I do not have copies of), and also got caught on video! Carm and I started our ascent, which went well as far as free ascents go, but it was the first time we have done a “deeper” dive together, and will need to work on keeping in sync a bit more, but it was a wonderful dive, with a great buddy, and awesome vis!

Bottom Time ~ 37 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 88′
Water Temp ~ 49 F
Vis. ~ 50′ – 60′

Here are some topside pics!

The boat!

Carm and I…

Sean F and Tom

Nancy, Sean, Jen E

Dougs plaque that was brought up for the winter. It will be set in stone, placed in a 200 lb block next spring, and be made permanent on the wreck. God bless, Doug…

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 ~

Steve, Carm, and I headed back down to Rockport to meet the gang again. We had a few different friends today, but alot of the same characters! Steve, Kevin, Vinnie, and JJ scootered out to the Kinghorn, while Tom, Sean, Barry and Jeff took the boat out. Jen E was topside on the boat. Carm and I decided to take a swim to the west, and check out some of the other stuff! We had an amazing and relaxing dive, did some skills, and met some fine, finned friends!

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 62′
Water Temp. ~ 48 F
Vis. ~ 50′ – 60′



Carm by a little boat we found along the way…

Some wreckage…

A whole bunch of fish!

Me by a pipe-like thing…

Gar Pike…

What a most excellent couple of days of diving!! Woo Hoo!!!

*Praying my suit comes this week!!*

New GUE Card Arrived

8 11 2007

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 ~

Well, it finally arrived…with baited breath, I went to the mail box, and there it was. The manilla coloured envelope was there, with the Global Underwater Explorers logo in the corner, and “First Class Mail” stamped in red across the left hand side. *Bend it a little*… Yep! It was finally here! I opened the envelope, to be blessed with a typed letter of congratulations from GUE, and signed by none other than Jarrod Jablonski himself.

Ok, so yes, I was like a kid at Christmas… I had finally received the card for my Fundies Tech Pass. The card I got last year, for the Rec pass, stated that I was trained in basic skill refinement. This one says, “Trained in skill refinement, doubles, primary light, and 32% Nitrox.”

I still have a long road of skills to work on, but I’m planning on doing Tech 1 next spring/summer, and Cave 1 in the fall! w00 h00!!

*Insert card pic here!*

1st Weekend In November

4 11 2007

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 ~

Well… ok… sorry… no diving Saturday. Steve was working, and I had some horses to train. Here are a couple of the young ‘uns that I’m breaking… so to speak…

This is Chocolat… the big 2 yr. old that broke my poor lil toe….

…and this is Jolton… a smaller 1 1/2 yr. old …


Sunday, November 4th, 2007 ~

Steve and Leigh had some video to shoot today, at Lock 21. They had to use scooters, so I was shore support again… Ok, this time, Steve and I were really going to get in the water afterwards. I’ve been in the water once in the last 5 weeks, and going batty… We did some fun video shooting before they got in the water too!

Here’s Leigh, modelling a new light he’s testing out…

A picture of the entry point..

I noticed that the water levels were down quite a bit, and even got a pic of the line that one of the jugs is tied off on… The beginning tie off is now out of the water…

The boys geared up and in they went…

I geared up for the boyz’ return!

They did return, with some amazing video footage too. I was ready to dive!!

But… it seems that Steve had a bit of a catheter issue, as well as a glove issue…


Leigh did try to console me, as he knew how loopy I’ve been, not being in the water (yes… even more so than usual).

Soo… back I got into my civies, put my gear away, and watched the video footage. Steve took care of his leaks, packed up, and away we went. I am slightly discouraged, as I’m not sure if I’ll get any water time next weekend either. I’m at least hoping that my drysuit arrives next week!!!!!!!!!!!


Too bad my tub isn’t deep enough!!!