Frozen Over!

30 12 2009

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 ~

Steve was working today, so Eric, Zi, and I went up to the quarry, for some diving fun. When we arrived, we were greeted with ice.

There was still a small opening, near the run off point, so we were able to break it up. We were prepared, as we had had very cold temperatures during the week, and the ice was inevitable. We didn’t need the chainsaw, but Eric had it, just in case.

Eric broke up a large area of the beach for us, and we entered the water. Zi ran the line out to the plane, while I took some pictures.

We swam around a bit, then continued the line out to the boat.

It was a pretty chilly day, and when we got out, our gear froze pretty quickly.

Bottom Time ~ 30 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 44′
Water Temp. ~ 39

After our dive, we had a bit of fun on the surface. Hmm… how strong is that ice, anyway?

…and… Zi’s in!

Eric too!

By the end of it, we had most of the beach area broken up.

Thanks for coming out to play, fellas!! Zi.. thanks to your wife for those yummy Peanut Butter treats too!!! Here I am with my cold water, pudgey face…lol.

It’s Winter At The Quarry!

15 12 2009

Sunday, December 13th, 2009 ~

Ahh… winter diving goodness! It’s that time of year again, where we have to have the chain saw on stand by, and make sure we have layers of clothing in the van. A bunch of us were meeting at the quarry, for a leisurely Sunday dive!

The roads were a little slippery, and I’ve always thought it was a bit odd to have speed limits, where there is 40 km/hr difference, between max and min speeds. I just labeled it as a highway gradient factor…

When we arrived, we had to go through the back entrance, as the front gate was closed. The old, abandoned buildings are pretty interesting to see.

It was snowing at a pretty good rate as well, which made for a nice shot of the quarry.

We geared up, and in we went. We had two cameras in the mix today, and were hoping to get some fun shots! Kelly, Dave, Andy, and Serge were in town! Steve, Jay, Eric, and I were also in the mix.

The gang…




Kelly, trying out a scooter!


Me.. not sure what I was looking at…

Eric found a friend…

Steve, issuing a ticket!

I caught Jay in the act!

Steve was also showing us his acrobatics!

Which way to cavez??

We made our way back in, and poor Andy was having issues with his gloves, that he was trying out today.

We did have alot of fun, and I don’t think the quarry will be open for very much longer!

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 46′

Water Temp. ~ 45 F