Victoria Day Weekend 2010

25 05 2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010 ~

Long weekend! Oren decided to come up to see us, and picked up my suit along the way. Woo Hoo! I was really looking forward to getting back in the water. Four weeks seems like an eternity.

When he arrived, I was both exited and hesitant to put it on. You know, the whole.. “Will the measurements be right…” feeling? I was happy to see that DUI had installed the P Valve for me, even though I had said that they didn’t have to. It was ready for the next day’s dive. We did a little trimming of the seals, I put my undies on, and put it on.

I was very pleased that even with the new measurements, that the bottom fit so much nicer than my other DUI. The top had quite a bit of extra room, but I would prefer it on the top than on the bottom.

w00t! Ready for the water! Thanks so much, Faith!!! You’re da bomb!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 ~

We decided to go to Cornwall, to make a run for the Power House. Neither Oren or I had been there, so Steve was going to lead the way.

It rained a bit on the way down…

As Steve was getting out his white board, we had a little visitor. My guess is that she wondered if we had anything to give her…

We discussed our plan of attack, and the contours of where we were going…

We geared up and put the scooters in.

There were only a couple of boats out today, which was good for us. It can be a bit hairy coming in and out of the docking area, as it is pretty shallow. The boaters and the divers do get along here, and we are always courteous of each other.

We got in, scootered on the surface, until we were out of the small bay, then dropped down. Our plan was to head south, then a bit east, then south again, once we found a wall.

Well, we did find a wall. We also found the Paper Factory Basement, which was farther north. We decided to take a bearing across, to where we thought the Power House would be. The visibility was pretty horrible, and the currents were pretty strong, so we stayed tight as a team.

We did see some rather large fish along the way, and a turn that we made, brought us back to the Paper Factory. So.. er.. I guess that today wasn’t going to be the day for the Power House. Too bad we didn’t bring a reel. The Basement would have been an awesome Plan B.

We decided to take another bearing, and when we didn’t reach our destination by the time we did our gas switch, we headed for home.

We still had a pretty fun dive, saw some interesting things, and played with some giant fish.

Bottom Time ~ 95 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 82′
Water Temp. ~ 42

Of course, I actually wasn’t completely dry during the dive. It was no fault of my wonderful new suit, but due to a couple of plumbing problems… User error…

We had a good laugh about it afterwards…

The sun started to set, so we headed back to our place. Here’s to a dry dive tomorrow!

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 ~

We decided to head down to Centeen Park, for some more river exploration. Chris P. and Allan met us down there, and they were going to go for a swim out to the Gaskin.

As we were gearing up, some visitors pulled up in a boat.

Kelly and Dave came by for a visit!

Not long behind them were Chris Red, Jane, Mike, and Warren…

We shot the sheet for a little while, and since they had their shiny new Cudas with them, they were going to tie up the boat, and scooter out to the Gaskin.


Steve, explaining some of the cool stuff around the channel…

I caught Allan in the background…

We got in, did our predive checks, and headed out. We showed Dave, Kelly, and Warren to the line, and they were off like Greyhounds! We did catch up at the wreck, played around a little, then made our way out into the channel. Exploring time!

We happened on to some wreckage that we had not seen before. There were remnants of a shipwreck, many bottles, and chunks of metal. This looked like it was pretty old stuff. We played around for a while, drifted, and looked at bottles. I think we all had pretty large grins on our faces. NEW STUFF!!

We drifted back a bit, looked around some more, then scootered up a bit more shallow, drifted some more… you get the idea… Another fantastic dive.

Bottom Time ~ 72 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 104′
Water Temp. ~ 53

I found it a bit odd that I was a bit chilled on this dive. When I got out, I noticed that I had not pulled my zipper all the way down. So.. I have christened my new suit in more ways than one…. Next week.. Dry.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria!

Today’s The Day…

21 05 2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010 ~

Well, today is the day that my beloved new suit will arrive Chez Blanchard. I must send kudos to Vinnie James for picking it up for me, and to Oren, for bringing it to me. I am nervously awaiting the “try on,” as I had to give new measurements, for a new suit. I’m not as trim as I was when I got my last suit, and it still fit me, so I am wondering what is in store for me. The winter was not kind to me, during my back crippling months.

So… there will finally be more Bloggy Thing updates for Diving Goodness! Good timing for the dive season!


Lazy Day

8 05 2010

Saturday, May 8th, 2010 ~

Motivation factor was very low in our house today. Eric had camped overnight with us, ย and he and Steve balanced out his new scooter bodies yesterday. Our plans to dive today were a bit squashed, when we woke up to -4 with windchill temperatures and alot of rain. Visibility in the river was going to be absolutely horrible. So, with me about to dive my old suit, without a p-valve, leaking, and not seeing anything, it was easy for me to sit on the side of the fence, closer to home. Although, if the boys had decided to go, I imagine I would have too.

Instead, I hung about the house, had a nap, and made a little photo video. I did need the break, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

We did still go out for our post dive meal, which happened to be at Moe’s. Best. Tacos. Ever. Ok, at least the best ones I’ve had since Florida.

Tomorrow, we are hoping to go for an afternoon splash. My name is Chantelle. It has been three weeks since my last dive….

Still Dry…

5 05 2010

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 ~

So… our wonderful friends at DUI are taking really good care of me. Apparently, my suit was leaking pretty much everywhere, and that I need to have it completely replaced. I decided to go with the low profile dump this time, instead of the high profile, which did work fine, but I wanted to give the low one a try.

So… it is scheduled to ship in two weeks. I won’t be able to wait that long, so I will be breaking out my very leaky Whites suit this weekend. I will be clad with a giant garbage bag top and big rubber boots.

Oh well.. at least I’ll be diving. ๐Ÿ™‚

An old photo. I had forgotten about the cuff dump…