Gaskin Line Clean Up

31 10 2010

Sunday, October 24th, 2010 ~

Well, the weather wasn’t all that great for a Sunday afternoon in October, but a group of us met at Centeen Park, to fix up the line to the Gaskin. Someone had vandalized the line that Steve, Leigh, and Francois had laid about 5 years ago, and we were on a mission to fix it. We had posted for anyone that wanted to help us was welcome.

Steve and I headed to the river, and met with Mike, Jen, Andy, Cory, Adam Kulczycki, Julie, and Stephane.

Steve, Mike, and I scootered out to the wreck, running a reel from the wreck, back to the stop sign, as a reference. Mike had the new line, and proceeded to run it out, following the reel. From there, Steve put the stakes in the ground, leaving Julie and Stephane to push them in.

Of course, Steve had to push a couple in, with his fancy stake hammer. ;o)

Cory, Adam, Jen, and Andy were collecting the myriad of lines that ran in many different directions. Some of it was really good line, that we can reuse. Good thing, as we did run out of new line to run to the Gaskin. We will probably run back out next weekend to finish it up.

Bottom Time ~ 1 hour, 41 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 65′
Water Temp. ~ 53
Visibility ~ 20′

There was quite a bit of line picked up!

It was cold and rainy, but we all kept smiling, and we had a fantastic time!

Thank you to everyone that helped, and to Marc G. too!

Here is a video of some of the dive!

We capped off the day with a meal at Santa Fe, which seems to be the new favourite spot to eat. Fajita Goodness, with homemade tortilla wraps, that you can watch being made. Absolutely delicious!

Thank you so much to all that helped. It was a grand day to play and dive!

Centeen Or Bust…ed…

19 10 2010

Sunday, October 17th, 2010 ~



After having a very lazy Saturday, Steve and I had our arms twisted for some Sunday Diving Goodness. Yes, it was quite difficult to do that arm twisting…

Cory and Raluca were going to head to the Gaskin, and Steve, Eric, and I were going to have another look for that truck. Apparently, it does exist, as Kelly, Dave, and Warren found it last week! We gave Cory and Raluca a lift to the Gaskin, then headed off in search. We took a bearing south, hit the channel, then back up on the other side, where we started to drift. Steve was in the middle, I was on the left, and Eric was on the right. The visibility wasn’t the greatest, but we stayed just far enough where we could still see each others’ lights, and were still able to mow the lawn a bit.

We found another sleigh, some pots, bottles, and drifted amongst the periwinkle shells, but still no truck. I had the camera rolling, in case we came upon it, and I could have that magic moment on film! Yeah.. not… lol. I had the little Go Pro HD960 with me for the first time, and wondered what kind of footage I would get, not having any lights for it. The standard one is alot of fun, but does not pick up alot of ambient light at around 100′. I guess we’ll see with this one!

We decided to cross back over, and hit the trigger upstream again, to see if we could locate it there. We did find alot of very interesting bits of wood, bottles, and even a science beaker, but alas.. no truck. We decided to move a bit more shallow, and were amazed at how upstream we were, as the current was pretty strong, and we had drifted quite a bit, before going back upstream. We decided not to go back to the wreck, but check out the route back from the shallows. We came across some people carving pumpkins, so I got a very quick shot of that. I have still never done that…

We got back to the park, and played around in the shallows some more. Steve and Eric pulled out their Kool Aids… Mmm… Blue Raspberry!


When we came in, Cory and Raluca were also in the shallows, working on some skills. We all finished up, doffed our gear, and headed to “Santa Fe.” We tried to go there last week, but it was closed for Thanksgiving. It was a new place for us, and we were anxious to try it. Southwestern food, and it happened to be All You Can Eat Fajita night! Oh boy… They were definitely yummy!

Bottom Time ~ 98 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 102′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Visibility ~ 15′


Cory and Raluca…

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this. There are election signs all over the place, but these ones stood out a little…

Yet another excellent adventure, even though we still have not found that elusive truck!