11 06 2012

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 ~ 

Today’s dive was at the quarry… an extremely busy quarry. There were cars as far as the eye could see! Well.. at least into the upper parking lot, as well as a full house, up by the toilets.

Today’s dive was a Fundies Tech upgrade checkout dive. I hadn’t been in the water for a couple of weeks (stoOpid work..lol), so I was happy to get in the water!

I got to play the role of “buddy,” which was also much fun! Fundies Dive 6! w00t! 🙂

Bottom Time:  28 mins.
Max Depth: 30′
Water Temp: 57F
Vis.: Not great – There were also an incredible number of OW checkout dives.

From there, we headed to Jean Burger, for lunch, then home! By noon!!! :O


Sunday, June 10th, 2012 ~ 

Today, Steve and I headed down to Centeen Park. Steve was taking a couple of fine folks out for their GUE DPV 1 Experience dive, in the St. Lawrence River, and I went along for the ride!

It was pretty busy at the park, although not crazy. For this dive, I used my “Big Girl Tanks (my 130s), which I have not used since the fall. Yes, they were still a little heavier than my AL80s. 🙂

A little boat that passed by the park…

We also had some visitors, who obviously didn’t care about the pretend foxes around them, as well as did not pay attention to the “police” tape that was put up for them, as a barrier!

My Big Girl Tanks, with my Purple AL80s in the background (I have my fancy Light Monkey wing on those!)…

We got in, did our checks, and our plan was to scooter upstream at about 30′, drop into the channel, drift, make our way back up to the Gaskin, play around for a while, then come back in.

The guys did a fantastic job, and as we came back into about 20′, they were congratulated with handshakes!

Way to go, guys!

Bottom Time:  78 mins.
Max Depth: 94′
Water Temp: 60F
Vis.: Not great in the shallows, opening up in the channel.

This is one heck of a dive mobile!

After the dive, Eric came to meet us, too. We had planned on doing another dive, so we switched our gear over to our AL80s, and grabbed a stage each. We also switched scooter bodies, so that we would have a longer burn time.

So… I can still report that there was no truck to be found… I swear, I think it must get moved when we dive. We did manage to find some wreckage that I swear we have seen before. It is an old piece of a wooden bow. I know it is the same one that we had seen on another occasion.. although, the current was very mild this time around, and I got to actually take a look at it! Once we got to a couple of small shoals, near the 3 Sister Islands, we decided to turn back towards shore.  We stayed at depth for a while, hopeful for a truck sighting, but.. alas.. today was still not the day!

We passed by a bottle jug that we had passed on the way out, so we knew we still weren’t going to find that darn vehicle!

Still an excellent dive, and a lot of fun!

Bottom Time: 71  mins.
Max Depth: 99′
Water Temp: 60F
Vis.: Not great in the shallows, opening up in the channel.

Eric’s new camera!

Eric took a couple of pics of us, with his new camera! Taken by Eric Bourque…

Yet another silly (FUN) self-portrait!