Outbound To The ECH

2 09 2014

Sunday, August 31st, 2014 ~

Chrysler Park Marina was the meeting spot, today.  Myself, Steve, Eric B., and Oren planned to scooter out to the wreck of the Eastcliffe Hall.

I had lubed up my TiZip, and jumped in the water, to make sure I was leak-proof… Yep. All sealed up!

The entry was a bit rocky, so we formed an assembly line, to put our gear in the water.

Eric was showing off his Healthy Seas socks (socks made from recycled fishing net)!

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Our turbos…

As we started out, we surface scootered for part of the way, to avoid the weeds. It wasn’t a very nice day, so there weren’t any boats around. We descended, and the visibility was not as horrific as the last time we made this run out to the wreck. You could barely see your hand on your scooter handle, and that is not an exaggeration! It was a little bit better than that, and improved even more, as we got a bit of depth, away from the marina.

We then took a compass bearing, and zig-zagged until we saw some debris, which brought us to the wreck. Success!

Only 35 minutes, from the corner – which is great timing. It has taken us an hour to get to the wreck, on an occasion, or two.

We checked out various parts of the wreck, and when the first person called a stage switch, I was very surprised at how much gas I still had in my stage bottle. I had been monitoring my gas, but didn’t realize how little I had been using – Yay, gym! I am happily making some progress! w00t w00t!

We made our way inside of a section, where we saw the tail end of an extremely large eel. As we got closer to him, he tried to sneak under part of the wreck structure, so we didn’t see him. We swam by him, but didn’t dare bother him. That was one very big eel – I would say he was at least a meter long. We have seen a few large eels on this wreck, in the past!

Time to drift off, and look for cool stuff! We did that for a while, then made our way back in. Right on target!

What a fun dive!

Bottom Time: 2 hours, 14 mins>
Max. Depth: 72′
Water Temp.: 69F

Due to the raging current, we didn’t bring a camera with us, on this dive. Only surface pics. 🙂

Such a fun dive, and we were changed and packed, just before the storm of impending doom came in!

The sky was pretty… just before the sky went black, and I was white-knuckling it, on the drive home!

Thanks for the great dive, friends!