Crappy Vis And Horse Power… Ahhhh….:o)

30 09 2007

Saturday, September 29th, 2007 ~

Saturday was a good day… Steve and I lounged around in the morning, went to get fills, visited the Wooferbitch, and planned on going down to Morrisburg. By the time we left the Woofybitch’s place, it was about 3pm, so we opted to just run up to the quarry for some more skills. When we arrived, there were no other people there, which we thought was odd for a Saturday. A couple of cars did pull up as we geared up, but we were in da pool before they were (na na na na boo boo…). We did our valve drills, air shares, and I did some more back finning, then we headed to the abyss, where we did a timed ascent from 40′ to the surface. Holy crap, was there ever a thermocline! We surfaced, then did a timed descent to 30′. Vis was quite stinky, and we made our way to the plane. I played back fin some more, Steve did some bottle rotations, and we just mucked about. We were a bit surprised that the vis was so bad, as this is the time of year when it usually starts to clear up. The other divers made their way to the plane for some pics, so we headed past, along the wall. We had some laughs and decided to head back.

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 66
Max. Depth ~ 45′
Vis ~ Stinky

We spoke to Mrs. Morrison afterwards, and she said that there had been about 10 OW classes earlier in the day. I guess that had something to do with the vis.

Here are some pics!

Me, working on my back fin…

The side of the plane…

Steve in the plane…

Plaque on the plane…

Me… still backfinning…

Steve’s Inukshuk



Sunday, September 30th, 2007 ~

Well, Steve was up and out tres early for his big boy dive on the Jodrey, so myself, Anne, and Leslie went out in the wilderness for a trail ride! It was an absolutely perfect day for it, and we had been threatening to go out for ages!

Saddle Time ~ 60 mins.
Air Temp. ~ 18
Vis. ~ Endless!
Butt Sore Factor ~ Depends on which one of us you ask!

Ok… now that I am back in the saddle, I would like to get back in the water!! w00t w00t w00t!!

Sunday’s Dive

24 09 2007

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 ~

Ok, so I forgot to post about Sunday’s dive. We headed out to Morrisburg, where we were just tooling around in the shallows for a while, and filming. Steve, Leigh, Phil, and I played with scooters, worked on skills, blew a bag, worked some more on my backfin, and just goofed around. The bottom was very loose, and we completely silted out the entry way, just putting on fins! We weren’t in the water long, but did have fun. Phil had to get going to hockey!

Bottom Time ~ 38 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 14′
Water Temp ~ 67
Vis. ~ 0 – 35′

Ahoy Gaskin!

22 09 2007

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 ~

Well, Steve had to work today, and Carm’s Steve was DM’ing stuff, so Carm and I decided to go for a dive to the Gaskin! This was my first attempt at fitting two full kits in my lil dive car!

We found out that it works!!

Here’s a pic of Carm!

OO.. and I also found out that the super dive trunk will almost fit me too!!

We packed the gear and were off to Brockville. We had to stop at the Diver’s Candy Store (duhhh…) where I broke down and bought the 4th Element Xerotherm 200 g top. I already own the full set of Arctics, but I really liked the thinner stuff, so I just HAD to have it… I would have picked up the bottoms too, but they didn’t have my size… pffttt.. This means I will have to go back on a regular basis until they arrive…along with my Halcyon mask strap. Lol…

We finally made it to Centeen Park, geared up, and in we went. It took a little longer than normal to get to the wreck today, as the current had really picked up. Normally it doesn’t get too strong until about 50′, but today it started to rip a bit at 40′. We made it, and luckily it was surface interval time, in between the charters, so we had the wreck to ourselves. We did a circle of the wreck, and I found a small round bottle on the port side. Nothing old or fancy, just a little brown bottle.

*Insert brown bottle pic here tomorrow!*

There were quite a few fish on this side of the wreck as well. We swam around the stern, then did a pass through the wreck, and headed back. The trip back is always a bit quicker, as we are moving with the current. We had a nice, relaxing dive!

Bottom Time ~ 56 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 69′
Water Temp. ~ 67
Vis. ~ 20′ – 30′

After gearing down, a few other divers pulled up for a class in the shallows. There was one fella diving out of a Mini!!

He even asked me if I wanted to sit in it!!

What a fun day!! We ended the evening with some dinner at Swiss Chalet…MMM.. Cheesy Garlic Loaf!!

At least one more dive tomorrow! w00t w00t w00t!!

“We Are The Quarriors!”

20 09 2007

Thursday, September 20th, 2007 ~Well, after work we headed up to the quarry for some skills. We knew it would be half arsed dark by the time we got in, so we’d just practice valve drills, air shares, and of course, my freakin’ back fin! We arrived, geared up, played with Zora (the resident Black Lab), and in we went. After our valve drills and S Drills, we headed toward the plane, where I could miraculously back fin again. I really think it’s the magic plane… Steve did some bottle rotations, and I backfinned circles around him. We decided to head to the boat. Vis was really crappy and milky…I keep thinking…”I do not dive in milk.” We didn’t even see the boat until we were right beside it. I think we could see about 8 feet in front of us, and only where our lights were shining. We went through one side of it, and when we reached the other side, could really feel the thermocline. We decided to go right back through, and back to the plane! We then moved off of the plane, where we hovered over the abyss (… the next shelf was at about 60′), and I backfinned my way back to the plane. I was at 21′ when I started, and ended up fluctuating about 3’… I dropped to 24′, but caught myself, and came back up to 21′. We decided to call it a day, and headed back. There were these funky looking bugs that kept swimming into our lights…They were slightly creepy! OO.. and I actually found me a penny on the way back in! It wasn’t so shiny, but it was still an underwater find!  Woo Hoo!


Bottom Time ~ 37 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 43′
Water Temp. ~ 66
Vis. ~ ****e ( 8′ – 15′)

Here’s a pic of the plane in the Quarry (not from this dive ~ much better vis here!)

Photo taken by a friend of Steve’s.

Dive Weekend And A Pass!

17 09 2007

Saturday, September 15th, 2007 ~

6 am came early, and we loaded the rest of the gear into the van, and headed off to Kingston. I was going for a dive with Dan, to get my DIR~F Recreational Pass upgraded to a Technical Pass. I had to repeat the final Fundies dive in doubles, using a primary light, and deploying a back up light. We met at the shop around 9, then headed out to the Marine Museum. We did our pre-dive briefing, and headed out for the dive. We descended, did a modified valve drill, modified S drill, then proceeded out to the lines, via surface swim to avoid the big weeds. When we reached the lines, we descended with a stop for 1 min. at 10′, another stop for 1 min. at 20′, then down to 29′. I did my valve drill, flow check, donated gas to my buddy, rec’d. gas from my buddy, deployed my back up light, then headed down the line to show proficiency in my finning. I started off with the back fin.. which I have only recently been able to do… and although I didn’t do it as well as I did in my practice dive, I still showed the mechanics, and did end up moving backwards a bit… We then went down the line, where I did the frog kick, modified frog kick, flutter, and modified flutter. Then… my buddy’s reg was mysteriously ripped from his mouth (hmm.. wonder how that happened?), and he flashed me to donate. I gave him my reg, looped the light cord from the long hose, had to blow a bag, and ascend. Ok.. so the ascent wasn’t the best part of that dive *cough*… to which the bag blowing part went ok, and although my buddy and I stayed level (with him still breathing from my long hose), it could have been a bit tighter. We surfaced, went through the debrief, and was congratulated on my pass. It’s amazing how you can practice all these things before, and get a pretty good handle on them, but when you’re “on stage,” they may not seem to go as well as planned.  I know I have alot to work on, but am happy that Dan recognized the work I’ve put into my diving since I got my Recreational Pass last year.

Bottom Time ~ 28 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 29′
Water Temp. ~ 68

Here’s a pic post dive…

We went back to the shop and met up with my friend, Jen, who drove from St. Catherines to go diving with us! We decided to get some lunch with a bunch of the crew, then set “sail” for Ivy Lea. We arrived, picked a camp site, to which there just happened to be a spot available right beside the public boat dock, where we planned on starting our dive that afternoon! Our site was absolutely gorgeous! We overlooked the water in the canal, that would lead us into the St. Lawrence.

We set up our tents, and quickly geared up! We got in the water and started our adventure. Our plan was to drift around the point, down the river past the 1,000 Islands bridge, and up onto the beach. We planned on being in the water about an hour, and drifting at about 60′, to bring us to the remains of a wreck out there.

Here is a pic of our route at Ivy Lea. We entered at the boat dock (at about 1 o’clock), and drifted counter clockwise around the wall, past the bridge, and up on to the beach (2nd boat dock at about 8 o’clock). Our campsite was right beside the 1st boat dock ~ # 113!

We got in, descended, and current wasn’t too bad at this point. We stayed close to the wall, as there are many back eddys and current changes here. It’s where there are merges into the St. Lawrence. Once we got into the river, the current was absolutely everywhere. Up, down, left, right, backwards, forwards.. Holy smokes.. We tried moving up as well as down to avoid the madness, but nothing seemed to really work ~ 40′, nope… 80′, nope… Sheesh! Even Steve wrote in his wet notes, saying.. holy smoke! it’s messed up! There was even current pushing us off the wall. We surfaced after 61 mins., just shy of the bridge, and laughed a bit about our endeavor. We decided to head back down and continue our mission. We did make it to the wreck, where the current died down a bit, and we saw a few massive fish and crayfish! A giant bass, a giant sheepshead… The crayfish were close to being the size of freakin’ lobsters!! We made it to the beach, where we played around in the weeds for a bit, and saw a really long, brown body resting in the weeds. My first thought was…”Holy smokes! It’s a freakin’ python!” Steve got part of the body on video, as well as his hand reaching down to touch it, as it exploded off through the water. Jen was behind me, and all she saw was this giant cloud of silt, and my bubbles laughing my arse off.

Bottom Time ~ 84 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 81′
Water Temp. ~ 67

It was pretty dark when we got out of the water, and we doffed our gear, as Steve walked back to the camp site to get the van. Although our dive was a bit of the zig zag variety, we still had fun. We packed up, went back to the site and roasted some weinies! Then it was off to bed.

Sunday, September 16th, 2007 ~

I kicked Steve out of bed early, so that he could drop off my tanks at Dive Tech before meeting Kevin and Dan at Centeen Park for a scooter dive (he had to go there anyway). Jen and I were left to pack up our tents and gear etc., then went to Dive Tech.. the candy store!! Dammit, I forgot to leave my wallet in the car. Ok, it was not a big purchase, but I picked up a 40″ hose for my stage bottle (I bought an SPG and 6″ hose from NTD the day before). We hung around the shop for a bit, analyzed tanks and stages, and off to Centeen Park we went.

We met up with Leigh (Wooferbitch), Hugh, and Gilles, and waited for Steve, Dan, and Kevin to finish with their dive. We waited… waited… waited… ok.. Leigh, Hugh, and Gilles did not want to wait, so they went in and did a skills dive. Jen and I also decided we didn’t want to wait anymore, so we started to gear up for a swim to the Gaskin. As we were almost ready, the boys surfaced. Steve decided to come with us, Kevin and Dan opted not to.

So… Steve, Jen, and I made our way to the Gaskin. We passed the “stop” sign” and got to the wreck in about 15 minutes.

We were against the current, that wasn’t too bad until we got to the wreck. I had to give a couple of extra pushes to get those last ten feet to it. We did a pass through the wreck and headed back, with Jen taking some pics along the way.

Bottom Time ~ 50 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 65′
Water Temp. ~ 67

When we got out, we saw a huge cruise ship pass by. It made the charters on the Gaskin look like canoes!

Leigh, Dan, and Kevin were waiting for us to go get some grub. We doffed, packed up, and had a nice meal, sitting around, talking about the weekends adventures.

What a fantastic way to end a wonderful diving weekend! A Tech Pass, a fun/learning dive, and a swim to the Gaskin with friends! Until the next adventure!!

Another Pic Of The Weekend!