Crappy Vis And Horse Power… Ahhhh….:o)

30 09 2007

Saturday, September 29th, 2007 ~

Saturday was a good day… Steve and I lounged around in the morning, went to get fills, visited the Wooferbitch, and planned on going down to Morrisburg. By the time we left the Woofybitch’s place, it was about 3pm, so we opted to just run up to the quarry for some more skills. When we arrived, there were no other people there, which we thought was odd for a Saturday. A couple of cars did pull up as we geared up, but we were in da pool before they were (na na na na boo boo…). We did our valve drills, air shares, and I did some more back finning, then we headed to the abyss, where we did a timed ascent from 40′ to the surface. Holy crap, was there ever a thermocline! We surfaced, then did a timed descent to 30′. Vis was quite stinky, and we made our way to the plane. I played back fin some more, Steve did some bottle rotations, and we just mucked about. We were a bit surprised that the vis was so bad, as this is the time of year when it usually starts to clear up. The other divers made their way to the plane for some pics, so we headed past, along the wall. We had some laughs and decided to head back.

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 66
Max. Depth ~ 45′
Vis ~ Stinky

We spoke to Mrs. Morrison afterwards, and she said that there had been about 10 OW classes earlier in the day. I guess that had something to do with the vis.

Here are some pics!

Me, working on my back fin…

The side of the plane…

Steve in the plane…

Plaque on the plane…

Me… still backfinning…

Steve’s Inukshuk



Sunday, September 30th, 2007 ~

Well, Steve was up and out tres early for his big boy dive on the Jodrey, so myself, Anne, and Leslie went out in the wilderness for a trail ride! It was an absolutely perfect day for it, and we had been threatening to go out for ages!

Saddle Time ~ 60 mins.
Air Temp. ~ 18
Vis. ~ Endless!
Butt Sore Factor ~ Depends on which one of us you ask!

Ok… now that I am back in the saddle, I would like to get back in the water!! w00t w00t w00t!!



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