WGD Take The Keystorm!

8 06 2008

Sunday, June 8th, 2008 ~

Myself, Steve, Leigh, Francois, and a few people from the shop Leigh works at headed down to Rockport Dive Centre, for a charter out to the Keystorm!

Captain Larry…

The Keystorm is on the US side, so it is necessary for us to go to customs before heading to the wreck. It makes the day longer, but the water was nice, the day was hot, and the scenic views in the 1000 Islands are gorgeous!

Someone’s little shack…

Coming up to Boldt Castle (US Customs)

Boat house…

Steve tying up to the dock…

We had to stay on the boat until the Customs Officers called our names and cleared us, then we jumped on land for a few minutes…

Then, off we went to the Keystorm!

Power Station of Boldt Castle…

The gang!

We even passed by the 1000 Islands Tour boat!

Steve, Francois and I were teamed up for the first dive, while Leigh helped out a girl from the shop, and her visiting father. There were also another team of 2 from the shop. There was a bit of a surface current, so getting to the mooring line was a small task.

We dropped down to the wreck, and were on the pilot house! Francois had his camera and got some amazing footage. We dropped down into the holds and toured around for a while.

This was my 2nd dive with my E8-130s, and I had a stage as well. I felt a little head heavy, and was compensating by dropping my knees… pft… Sheesh.. just when I thought I had my trim in check, I changed up my gear, and am starting over again. I guess I’ll be in the quarry, working on my trim again this week.

In any event, we still had a good dive, and seeing that wreck is just amazing. I don’t think I could tire of that one.  (Good thing, as we were about to have our surface interval, then do it again…).

Bottom Time ~ 49 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 97′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Vis. ~ 30′ – 60′

On the surface interval, Captain Larry cooked us up some hot dogs and hamburgers!

The gang, chillin’…

OO.. and me! (Up pulled one of Wayne’s boats beside us… one that we’ll likely be on in August!).


It was time for the second dive!

Leigh joined us for this dive, and the four of us dropped down to the props at about 110′. We decided to tour the port side a bit, to see the fishies, although the current is a bit stronger on that side. We came back around to the starboard side, and there’s a place at about 70’ish, that you can swim under the wreck, and come up on the other side, to a shoal, with loads of fish! We did that, and tooled around the shoal for a bit, then back around for the ascent. My ascents are coming along.

Bottom Time ~ 48 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 111′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Vis. ~ 30 – 60′

Once back on board, we doffed our gear and had some cookies! We changed and headed back to Rockport.

A houseboat…

Leigh’s shirt…

Another little shack…

Some canoes…

..and Captain Larry’s boat during the week!

When we got back in, Jeff greeted us and tied up the boat…

They called us in at customs, and we waited patiently on the boat. They let us back in!


We unloaded the gear, tipped the wonderful Captain Larry, and were on our way back home, to watch the footage!

Another fantastic day on the St. Lawrence!



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