25 07 2008

Thursday, July 24th, 2008 ~


Steve and I headed up to the quarry for some skills, with some friends. It is only a month until my Tech 1 starts, and I would like to make sure I’m ready! We met with Kevin and Radu, and Leigh was also there, helping out another diver. When we arrived, the place was pretty busy, and we took our time getting in the water. Once we got in, we did our predive checks, then dropped down for valve drills. We dropped down to the sub at about 59′, and did a timed ascent. Leigh had joined us by this time. There were 5 of us in a star, which is a task enough in itself, while doing an ascent…lol… I was timing, and Radu was blowing a bag. We did pretty well, and our timing was pretty good as well… *phew!* We surfaced, discussed, and did it again. This time, although it was going well, Leigh decided to start dancing at 30′, and we all started doing the Heleen dance. It was pretty fun. We surfaced… still on time, I might add, and just started laughing. Leigh decided he was done for the evening, flipped his fins up, and surface swam in… er.. backwards… It was quite entertaining to watch.

After messing around a bit on the surface, we descended to the plane where Radu and Kevin worked on some skills together, and Steve and I ran some line. We also did mask removal, and followed the line blind (no, not at the same time…lol). It was getting a bit late, so Steve and I decided to turn in. We signaled Kevin and Radu, and in we went.

Bottom Time ~ 49 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 59′

Water Temp. ~ 71

Vis. ~ Here ‘n’ there…

On the way in, we found a piece of a Whites drysuit dump valve and brought it in. We asked the people sitting around the camp fire, but it wasn’t theirs. While we were all chatting after the dive, someone came up to us, looking for Kevin, for drysuit repair (that’s part of Kevin’s business). It seems his drysuit dump had come apart, and he didn’t have all of the parts.

OO.. I have it! So… I handed over the part, and Kevin put his drysuit dump back together. After chatting part of the night away, we decided that it was time to make our way back home, so we all parted ways, and Steve and I headed back home.

A fantastic skills dive, and a good night with friends. :o)



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