The Lost Villages ~ Cornwall

17 08 2008

Sunday, August 17th, 2008 ~


Steve and I headed out to Guindon Park, where we were going to take the scooters out for a run. Steve has done numerous dives here, but this would be my first time out here. This was the location of the Lost Villages, where they flooded towns in the late 50s, to expand the St. Lawrence and a Hydro project, decided on by the Canadian Government. They relocated the people from the towns, as well as the highways (Hwy. 2 and Hwy. 38).


Here is a link to the old and new boundaries of the towns and the St. Lawrence.


There is a public boat launch here, so we have to be careful when descending and ascending, as it is pretty shallow at the entry point. We dropped down, made our way through the weeds, and found Old Highway 2 (Lol.. scootering down the highway). We made our way through the old channel, that drops to about 60′, then back up to a bed, where we saw an old wreck. We played about here for a while, then continued on. The current was pretty strong in spots, so I was happy we had our scooters. We buzzed along, checking out all of the old structure foundations, railway tracks, and pieces of old buildings. We even found old cables. It’s not often you find a shipwreck beside an old building…lol… Once you realize what you’re looking at, it’s pretty amazing. We spent over an hour looking through the old villages, and I found it so fascinating. I can’t wait to go back!


Bottom Time ~ 91 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 66′

Water Temp. ~ 72

Vis. ~ 20′