Scooter Time!

15 09 2008

Sunday, August 31st, 2008 ~

Today, Steve and I actually slept in a bit, then headed over to Caiger’s, to meet up with Mer and a bunch of the North East Underwater Explorers, that we had met the day before. We went to grab some grub, then headed over to Centeen Park, where it was time for some scooter goodness! There were 6 of us with scooters, and 4 people that would be swimming to the wreck. We let them hitch a ride on the back, to the wreck, then bid them adieu, and went off into the channel.

What a blast!

There were loop de loops galore, and much playing amongst the periwinkle shells. We scootered and drifted, scootered and drifted. We drifted back over to the Gaskin for some more playing, then headed back in.

We played around in 20′ for a while, and watched our buddy, The Muffin Man ~ Chris Malinowski, free dive down to see us. We did catch it on film… There is definite videographic evidence!

I swear, I have a new favourite line…. When we surfaced, Mer shouted out, “That was the F’n’ S@$%!” ROFL…

I never get tired of taking people out on that dive.

Bottom Time ~ 96 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 89′
Water Temp. ~ 72
Vis. ~ 30′ – 60′

We exited the water, and headed over to Bud’s for laughter and grub. What an awesome group of people ~ I can’t wait until they come back!



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15 09 2008

you sure do swear a lot :oP

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