2009 ~ First Dive Of The Year!

8 01 2009

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 ~

Happy New Year!!

The sun was shining, and we were eager, so we packed up and headed to the quarry. When venturing outside, we were faced with the bitter -27 with wind chill temperatures, but we still weren’t discouraged!

We arrived at the quarry, where Steve used our trusty chainsaw, and cut us a nice pentagon.

This would be the second time using my new camera in the water, and I was hoping to get some similar results from the first dive. Steve and I both took turns shooting.

We dropped down, did our valve checks, and ran a line out to the plane.

Steve and Kevin…

Kevin found some fancy yellow line that he played with for a while, and although we didn’t get a shot of him attaching it to rocks, we did catch him with the rope…

We mainly stuck by the plane, and just played around a bit, taking pictures.

Kevin and I…

Steve, bringing in the reel, with Kevin in front…

A look under the floating dock…




Steve and Kevin…

..and… cold water, pudgey face syndrome…

Bottom Time ~ 44 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 61′
Water Temp. ~ 39
Vis. ~ Wicked

Upon getting out, the gear was pretty quick to freeze. Here’s my rig within a couple of minutes of taking it off…

Here are each of us as popsicles as well…

I actually had to sit in the van for a few minutes to defrost and open my zipper. It would have been much easier to just jump back into the water, but I had already taken off and packed my gloves!

Despite the frigid air temperatures, we could not pass up the first dive of the year! The water was actually much warmer than the air!

That’s Canada, eh?



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