February Long Weekend Diving ~ Part 1

22 02 2009

Sunday, February 15th, 2008 ~


Woo Hoo! Sunday of a long weekend, and we had spring-like conditions. We made our way up to the quarry, and the place was packed. It was “everyone fend for yourself parking.” There were a few courses running, so it was quite busy.


Normally, we gear up at the van, then just walk to the hole. Since it was so busy, we unloaded near the entrance, then went and parked the van.

Some friends unloading…



Steve ran our line past the plane, and tied in to the permanent line to the boat.



We messed around a bit, and got some shots.

Taken by me…



Taken by Steve…





After milling about for 50 minutes, we decided to head in. Steve brought the reel in, and we headed back…

Bottom Time ~ 50 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 40′

Water Temp. ~ 40 (up a degree!)

Vis. ~ Still great!



There was a bit of fun after the dive, where Mike was getting a diver’s eye view of the saw cutting the hole. Steve got a shot of it as well, and caught Mike in there too!


View from the surface…


I also caught Steve S. doing some leaps into the water. I give him a 10 for air time…


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s “Family Day” dive!