Busy Diving Weekend ~ Part Two ~ Free Divers

22 03 2009

Sunday, March 15th, 2009 ~


This weekend, a bunch of free divers from Quebec and Toronto came up to the quarry for  some free diving, under the ice. 


We geared up, as they dressed and prepared. We had both still and video cameras, in order to capture the event. Once we got to the plane, I took a few shots to get the lighting right, and to prepare for the first divers to come down. 



They had three holes cut, direct lines to the surface, and lines connecting the holes. Mike had prearranged to get a “mermaid” shot, of one of the divers, sitting on a rock, by the plane.

I was able to get a couple of shots off from the side…


Here is the shot that Mike took, while I was shooting from the side.
Picture courtesy of Mike Grebler


Every couple of minutes, another diver would make their way down to the plane, which sits at about 25′, and there were even a few that would go down to the sub, at about 65′.


There were over a dozen divers coming down, saying hello, taking pictures, and even waving hello from inside of the plane.




Watching this “Cirque Du Soleil” under water was truly a mesmerizing thing to witness. The gracefulness and beauty of it all was just awe inspiring.


I’m really not sure that I would ever even consider doing what these people do, but I’m just amazed and happy to have been a spectator, and to have been able to catch some shots of them to share.

For more information on the freediving clubs, please see…





Thanks again, gang!

Bottom Time ~ 49 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 28′
Water Temp. ~ 40
Vis. ~ Good!