The Kinghorn!

30 04 2009

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 ~ 


Steve and I headed down to Rockport, to meet Kevin, James, and Jeremy for  a trip out to the Kinghorn. We planned on taking the short bodies, and take a short jaunt out to the wreck. We knew the water was hovering around 40, so we didn’t plan on a long dive. Kevin brought an extra Gavin for James.


When we got to the wreck, we did a few passes, checked out the inside, then reconvened to head back. Steve, James, and I were on the starboard side, when Steve had a bit of a freeflow. James decided to head off with the other two, while Steve took care of it, and I stood by.

When we got back to 40′, we hovered for a while, and we discovered that James had a bit of an issue with his scooter… it wanted to keep Kevin helped him to deal with it, and we made our way back in. There were a ton of crayfish milling about on this dive as well. They were big suckers too!

We got out and debriefed, with a few laughs and tales, and Kevin checked out his scooter.


I even found a little ring on the way in…


Bottom Time ~ 33 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 86′
Water Temp. ~ 40
Vis. ~ 30′


We packed up, got changed, then headed over to the BoatHouse for some grub!

It’s great to be back in the river!!!



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