Another Diving Weekend ~ Day 3

3 05 2009

April 24th – April 26th, 2009 ~

Day 3

Steve moved some gas around in the tanks, we loaded the van up again, and headed down to Rockport, to meet Greg for another dive. When we arrived, Greg was ready and waiting for us. We geared up, and Jeff was going to tag along with us, to throw up the mooring on the Kinghorn. He was going to bring his “Torpedo” scooter with him, and was going to be diving open circuit with us too! Greg was also bringing his camera along, for some pictures.


Jeff gave us a debriefing of his scooter, as it has stuck on in the past. He showed us where the second “shut off” was, in case we needed to use it. 😛 We got in the water, and dropped down to about 10 feet, where we gathered up and did our checks. Time to go!

Steve and Greg started off, and I waited for Jeff. Jeff hit the trigger, and away we went. Once we got to the wreck, Jeff went up with the line, and met his brother in law on the boat. The three of us then continued on, tied off the scooters, and Greg took some shots. We decided to check out the inside, where Greg got some more pictures, and we posed with the “this rocks!” signal. Once out, we headed back to the scooters, and made our way back to the dock.

We surfaced, and all had smiles on our faces.

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 92′
Water Temp. ~ 44
Vis. ~ 30′

It was great to get in the water with Greg again. He’s a great dive buddy, and alot of fun to hang out with. Thanks for playing with us, Greg! We are looking forward to you coming back to see us in August!

Greg’s camera…


Steve and Greg…


Greg and I…


Here is a link to Greg’s report on the day too


Here is another link to his pictures from our underwater adventures.




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