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25 05 2009

Friday, May 15th, 2009 ~

I spent a couple of hours packing the car, and managed to fit three 18 ah Gavins in my little, two door Honda. I had to do some arranging, but managed to get them in there. I was thankful for the end caps we have, that’s for sure! 

I fit two in the trunk, with end caps on, as the back ends wouldn’t clear my trunk…

There are actually two tubes; one on either side of the trunk, with a tub in the middle, and my 4th Elements to the left…


Since I couldn’t fit the back ends in, I placed them on top of their crates, so that the clutches wouldn’t touch the seats. I strapped them in, on each side of the back seat…


That left room for mine, riding shotgun…


Thank goodness Steve still had my tanks in Kingston, but I did have my other gear, that did fit in the car.

I arrived in the evening, grabbed a sub, and brought the guys some beverages. They had one more day left of the first ever, Canadian GUE ITC, and were working hard.


Saturday, May 17th, 2009 ~

We all got up early and headed over to Timmy’s, for some breakfast. I think Alan was getting a bit sick of the Bagel BELTs…lol…

We all headed over to the shop. The guys went to the classroom, and I waited for friends to arrive, to go out on their zodiac. Although… the weather wasn’t cooperating, and the waters were really rough. I thought that it would be a good decision for me to opt out of the lake diving today. My tummy doesn’t deal with that very well…. Apparently, the others did try to get out on the lake, but were unable to, and headed to the river.

I ended up being a dive shop bum for the morning, then headed out to Centeen Park, with James P., for a leisurely scooter out to the Gaskin. He hadn’t been on the wreck in a while, and I never mind doing the Gaskin. What was even funnier, is that we met up with the zodiac crew on the wreck! “Fancy meeting you guys here!” We exchanged hellos, and carried on our way. We had a fun dive, then went to get James some Fish ‘n’ Chips.

Bottom Time ~ 40 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 67′
Water Temp. ~ 50
Vis. ~ 25′

We then headed back to Kingston, where we met the gang for dinner. Well.. James had dessert! The fellas had had a great ITC, and finished the first hurdle.

Congratulations Steve, Guy, Alan, and Corey!

Then a bunch of us went back to the cabin for some stories and bevies.


Sunday, May 17th, 2009 ~

Guy had left the night before, to catch a plane, so it was just Steve, Alan, and I at the cabin. The boys had a well-deserved sleep in. It had been a long week.

We got up, headed to the shop, and saw that the charters weren’t going out today. The weather was way too stinky. We packed everything up, and went to Cora’s for breakfast. I’ve heard of this place for years, but had never actually eaten there. This was my first time, and what a breakfast!!! I had to share it with Steve and Alan…


After stuffing our bellies, we decided to go to Centeen Park again, and take Alan for a run out to the channel, so we headed out to Brockville.

We geared up, and in we went. We scootered along the wall, and got to the drop off point. Alan found some line to play with, then we headed down, into the channel. Hmm… drift, you say? I guess the current didn’t get the invite to the dive today, as it was pretty non-existant. We tooled around a bit, then headed back toward the Gaskin, where we did some swim throughs and played around the wreck. We got back near shore, and played a little more, with the scooters, then headed in. I think Alan might have enjoyed it… as did we. :o)

Bottom Time ~ 71 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 96′
Water Temp. ~ 50
Vis. ~ 40′





Self Portrait…


It was really great to finally meet Guy and Alan, and I look forward to many more dives with them, in the near future!



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30 05 2009
Duane Johnson

At least the scooters wore their seat belts. 🙂

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