The Quest For The Truck

5 07 2009

Saturday, June 13th, 2009 ~

There are rumours of an old truck, sitting in about 94′, in the St. Lawrence. Oren, Steve, and I were on a mission to find it! We know of a couple of people that dive it once in a while, and have given us a rough estimation of how to find it.

We took our gear down to the water, and prepped for the adventure.

Oren, after taking his scooter down to the water…

We dropped down, gathered up, and off we went. We dropped into the channel, and began to drift with the current, at 94′. We encountered many cool looking bottles, and even made it to a small island, but no truck. As we drifted, we did happen upon interesting dune-like formations of periwinkle shells, that we had never seen before. The periwinkle shells do cover alot of the channel, but we had not seen them in a desert formation like they were. It was very cool to see.

We also saw various bits of metal, strewn about, but nothing that indicated a truck should be there. We decided it was time to turn, and headed back against the current.

Even though we didn’t find the truck, it was still alot of fun looking for it.

Bottom Time ~ 89 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 106′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Visibility ~ 50′

Our day of diving was not yet finished!

Jay and Jen arrived, we had a bit of lunch, and planned another run upstream. This dive would be a bit shorter, and we would travel upstream, drifting back down onto the Gaskin, then back in.

Our collection of gear at the entry point…

We had an enjoyable and relaxing dive in the channel, finding an old boat motor, more metal bits, and many upside down bottles (this means they’ve been picked up before). We arrived back to the Gaskin, played around the wreck for a while, then headed back in.

Bottom Time ~ 77 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 105′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Visibility ~ 50′

Jen, Jay, Oren, Steve…

Jay, Jen, Oren, me…

We had some company when we surfaced as well. A couple of Airedales…

We had some other visitors as well. Or, perhaps we were visitors on their turf…

We can now refer to Steve as the Goose Whisperer… *ducks*

We packed up and met up with Eric, who had picked up his new suit.

Eric, striking a pose…

The side of our Dive Gear Transportation Unit (DGTU)…

We then sat around with Gill and Vian, having water and the most decadent pie I’ve ever tasted in my life. Thanks Oren!!! I’m not sure if I should really thank him or curse him for bringing such wonderful food, that makes my butt grow, just thinking about it. The thought of Almond Apple Cheesecake didn’t really appeal to me at first… Then I tasted it.. Holy smokes… As much as I love their Mumble Crumble pie.. this one takes the “cake.”

Ok.. off to sleep.

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 ~

We headed back down to Centeen Park, where we planned on going to the Gaskin, then veering off, to see what we could find. We noticed that there was a boat moored up to it before entering. When we got there, we really couldn’t see much other than silt, so we decided to keep going. No Gaskin today…

We scootered past it, and into the channel, where we reveled in the sites of more bottles, periwinkle shells, and generally just enjoying the water.

It was a similar dive to those we have done before, but we never seem to tire of it, as we always do see different things.

Bottom Time ~ 77 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 106′
Water Temp. ~ 57
Visibility ~ Depends on where you were – 5′ – 50′

Jay, giving his approval of our new DGTU…


Myself and Jen…

The two fancy DGTUs…



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