Happy Canada Day!

24 07 2009

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 ~

Happy Canada Day! Hmm.. what to do… How about go for a dive or two?

We packed up and headed down to Centeen Park. We thought we would give that elusive truck another attempt. Myself, Steve, Jay, Jen, and Oren made another run out with the scooters, and tried to find that darn thing, once again.

We saw things that we hadn’t seen before, which was a really good sign. We even saw what looked like a bit of a road, with rocks on either side. You’d think you’d find a truck near this, for sure, right? Yeah… not so much. We found bits of metal, pieces of this and that, bottles galore, but still no truck. We played amongst the periwinkle shells, then made our way back. The visibility was a bit stinky, and although we all stayed in our buddy teams, we ended up coming back at different times. Steve and I made it back first, followed by Sean and Oren, then Jen and Jay.

Bottom Time ~ 64 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 104′
Water Temp. ~ 62
Visibility ~ 15′

When we surfaced, our buddies for our second dive greeted us at the stairs, as well as Jeremy and Kevin, who were going out for a dive too.

We all had a bit of lunch, which consisted of some sandwiches that I had brought for everyone, and some veggies that Jen brought, then went for dive number two.

We headed out to the Gaskin, with scooters galore, and messed around for a bit, then came back in for some great fun and conversation. It was fun watching the Muffin Man get towed back, after he broke Bob’s scooter (*ducks*). Lol…

Bottom Time ~ 52 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 70′
Water Temp. ~ 62
Visibility ~ 20′ and milky

Superstar diver!

I think we celebrated Canada’s birthday in the best way possible… The River, scooters, and good friends.



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