Another Quarry Day

21 02 2010

Sunday, January 10th, 2010 ~

Steve, Jeremy, Kevin and I headed up to the quarry for yet another day of fun under the ice. The quarry had iced over once again, so we were back under the overhead. It was a bit of a grey day outside, but the sun did make an appearance here and there.

Here is an infamous self portrait…

The ice was not incredibly thick…

Once the hole was cut, Steve put the ice screw in…

Steve ran the line out to the plane, and we basically just messed around today, with a valve drill here and there. I had had a free flow on my stage reg, upon entering the water, so Kevin donated his reg to me, since he had an extra bottle.

Steve, chillin’…

Kevin demonstrated his arm dexterity…


Steve took a picture of me, er.. flying…

A congregation…

We had a slightly shorter dive today, as I had a bit of a leak in my suit, and started to get chilled. The water temperature was also a bit cooler than it usually gets here, in the winter. We still had fun, and it was great to get in the water!

Bottom Time ~ 34 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 24′
Water Temp. ~ 34




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