5 07 2010

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 ~

Steve was teaching a Fundies course in Kingston, and since he didn’t need my help, I went for a dip with Chris P. and Steve R. Chris brought Oren’s oreo scooter to play with, and I had mine with me for the weekend, so I decided to let Steve R. play with it, and I would take some video, with my little Go Pro camera.

We got in, made our way around the students, and headed for the boat at the back, where I handed off my scooter. I had given Steve a briefing on it beforehand, so he knew what to expect. He and Chris were zipping around in circles, and I am pretty sure I saw grins that could have swallowed up the entire quarry.

Here is some of the footage…

We did have a ton of fun, and I think they were hooked…

Bottom Time ~ 74 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 26′
Water Temp. ~ 71
Visibility ~ 10′

It seems they are still smiling…

We also met up with John and Sergio in the water…

Sergio gave me a “swim under” in the quarry. :p

We then watched as the class did their rescues, and of course, I had to take some pics…

It was such a gorgeous day, and it was made even better by diving with friends.

Thanks, Chris and Stephen!

Sunday, July 4th, 2010 ~

Today, Steve needed me to play camera person for his course, so I was handed the nice, big video camera, and filmed Dive #5.. The “Meat and Potatoes Dive!”

When the dive was finished, Steve took the camera back, and Chris, Stephen, and I went back in for a tour. The visibility wasn’t that great, so we just swam around a bit, retrieved the golf club that we had been playing with the previous day, and returned it to the quarry owner.

Another excellent adventure!

Bottom Time ~38 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 26′
Water Temp. ~ 73



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