Just Another Day…

30 01 2011

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 ~

Today, I was testing out the new DUI heated undergarments for the first time. I have the Powerstretch 300 undies, with two heated panels in the front, and one in the back. The heated booties and gloves would be left for another time. Today, was just the undies, themselves.

Others had been using the hole that we had cut, and had opened it up earlier. It wasn’t the same shape, but it was good enough.


I left the camera at home today, seeing as I was testing out the undies.

Frank Martin was at the quarry, taking some pics, and his wife asked me to take a few, with their camera, just below the surface of the water, before our dive.

Eric, taken by Frank Martin…


Steve, taken by Frank Martin…

Me, taken by Frank Martin…

Once we entered the water, we swam over to the plane, messed about for a bit, then headed over to the boat. It was there that I decided to turn on the undies. Ohhh… instant heat! I had only turned it on to 50%, and I could feel the heat immediately. What a nice feeling!

I gave Steve and Eric the “this rocks” signal, and we made our way back to the plane.

As we made our way back in, I reeled us back home. Hooray for warmth!

Bottom Time ~ 36 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 43′ (Avg. 22′)
Water Temp. ~ 37F
Visibility ~ Pretty decent

The air was pretty cold, so it didn’t take long for gear and zippers to freeze up.

It was really nice to have the wood stove going, in the cabin. Thanks, Evelyn!

Even the camera was a bit foggy…

Thanks to Frank, for taking a bunch of cool pictures! It was yet another good and warm day, under the ice!

Another pic of us, taken by Frank Martin…