Running Winter Lines

15 12 2011

Saturday, December 10th, 2011 ~

Today, we had decided that we would run a few permanent lines in the Quarry, in preparation for Ice Diving Season.

Of course, Eric was modeling some fashionable glasses, from St-Laurent…

Dominic joined us, too…

We got our gear together, and although it was a little bit cloudy, the air temperatures were not too bad.

The quarry..

We had an old reel with some fancy Orange line on it, so we decided to use that for the “Plane Line.” Steve had the line, then Eric, Dominic, and myself, with the camera.

Swimming out…

Eric ties a line arrow into the main Plane Line…

Steve ran the line from ahead of the “Deco Rock,” past the plane, boat, and around to the “Deco Habitat.” (Sanked ‘Em reference). 😀

As we went by the plane, we saw a live fish!

Steve tied off the end of the line, and we made our way back in.

Bottom Time: 29 mins.
Max. Depth: 64′
Water Temp.: 46F
Visibility: Not horrible, but usually better, this time of year. Still “floaties” in the water.

Steve, using his RB80…

Dominic, with a duck-under…

Eric, ditching his stage…

We got out, doffed our gear on the tables, and replaced the line on the reel. We had some fancy green line for the line down to the sub. Even Evelyn gave us a hand with unknotting the line.

We got back in, and Eric took a turn at running the line, as we headed down to the sub. After tying off the line, we hovered for a little bit, then made our way back up.

Heading down…

Heading back up…

Dominic, chillin’…

Eric and Steve, practicing OOG drills…

Bottom Time: 38 mins.
Max. Depth: 59′
Water Temp.: 46F

We finished up, got out, packed up, and headed to The Works for some after-dive nosh. We will still have to run a thrid line to the shark.. another day.

A good day of Diving Goodness, and meeting new friends!

Me, being goofy…



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