Oppan Magnum Style

18 09 2012

Sunday, September 16th, 2012 ~

Off to Centeen! We met Eric and Mike, to go scootering upstream, do some exploring, then head into the channel. We had the magnums with us, for extra burn time.

We started off in the shallows, headed upstream, and passed the “Bench.” The visibility was absolutely horrible, and it was tough to really see anything. We still kept on, in the hopes that it would clear up a bit, in the channel.. .Not so much. Oh well… We were still having fun, checking out different things, and seeing a bunch of neat bottles. Steve saw a really neat round-shaped one, with a chip in the lip of it. We saw a couple of large carp, and a whole bunch of bass. I did see a couple of the jellies, but not as many as the previous week’s dive. The water is starting to slowly drop in temperature, so they most likely won’t be around much longer.

We eventually dropped into the channel, where the current really picked up. We drifted for a while, then hit the trigger, along with the current. Holy water flying, Batman! What a blast! We came back in, hung about in the shallows for a bit, then ascended. When we got out, it was brought to my attention that I had been “Princessified!” Funny, I did feel Eric touching my gear, but I figured he was turning off a backup light, or something. Nope… I was had. Although, since there is no photographic evidence of this event, I am going to pretend that it did not happen. 🙂

Bottom Time: 3 hrs. 1 min.
Max. Depth: 101′
Water Temp.: 70F
Visibility: Horrible


Out For A Night Dive!

14 09 2012

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 ~

Steve and I decided to go out for a night dive. Steve picked me up from work, and we made our way down to the park. The traffic was nasty, but we eventually got ourselves down there. We knew we wouldn’t have a whole lot of daylight left, once we got there, but we were happy to have some of it, before we ventured into a night dive!

We hit the bench at 13 minutes, then kept on towards the wall. We went another ten minutes, which was our plan, and then looked around in the darkness. We really did not have much daylight, and the visibility was horrible. We did see a bunch of bass, walleyes, perch, and eel, crayfish, scuttering along, which was pretty neat.

It got dark pretty quickly, and although it was really tough to see, we still were able to focus, and look around, a little.

We eventually made our way back to the entry, packed up our gear, then to Timmy’s, for some well-deserved chili! It was fun to go for some Diving Goodness, during a “school night!”

Bottom Time:  2hrs., 16mins.
Max Depth: 70′ (avg. 34′)
Water Temp: 71F

A Ride At The Park – So It Seems!

5 09 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012 ~

Scooter time! So, I guess I have been behind in my Bloggy Thing posts, so this one slipped through the cracks. I do know that we did the dive, as I do have photographic evidence.

Centeen Park…

I am sure that we traveled upstream, and dropped into the channel, and I also know that there were freshwater jellies along the way. The visibility has been absolutely horrible this year, so I do know that we didn’t see much, apart from our buddies beside us, and whatever was directly in our path.

Bottom Time: 1 hr., 52 mins.
Max. Depth: 102′
Water Temp: 73F
Visibility: Cruddy

Me, with some serious neck burn…

Mike and Jen…