Out For A Night Dive!

14 09 2012

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 ~

Steve and I decided to go out for a night dive. Steve picked me up from work, and we made our way down to the park. The traffic was nasty, but we eventually got ourselves down there. We knew we wouldn’t have a whole lot of daylight left, once we got there, but we were happy to have some of it, before we ventured into a night dive!

We hit the bench at 13 minutes, then kept on towards the wall. We went another ten minutes, which was our plan, and then looked around in the darkness. We really did not have much daylight, and the visibility was horrible. We did see a bunch of bass, walleyes, perch, and eel, crayfish, scuttering along, which was pretty neat.

It got dark pretty quickly, and although it was really tough to see, we still were able to focus, and look around, a little.

We eventually made our way back to the entry, packed up our gear, then to Timmy’s, for some well-deserved chili! It was fun to go for some Diving Goodness, during a “school night!”

Bottom Time:  2hrs., 16mins.
Max Depth: 70′ (avg. 34′)
Water Temp: 71F



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