Just Another Just Culture

5 02 2013

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 ~ 

Since I had harassed Gareth Lock enough times to come and visit us, he finally caved. 🙂

I picked Gareth up from the airport, and Steve, Tim, and Eric B. went up to the quarry, to get a head start on getting the hole cut. It was a pretty chilly day, too. We would christen Gareth with some Canadian winter, that’s for sure!

*NOTE* The in-water pictures are horrible. I tried some new settings on my camera, and clearly they did not work well. I am posting a few anyway, to document our day. *END OF NOTE*

Gareth’s plane was late arriving, but he finally found me, and we were off to the quarry!

Once we arrived, there was already a hole cut from previous divers, so Steve had just added on, making a nice runway, for easier entry/exit (brought it more shallow).

Gareth and Steve…


Since it was pretty cold, we geared up quickly and splashed in. Steve had the line, and led the way out to the plane.

*Reminder: Pics are not great* 🙂

Heading out…

Gareth, by the plane…

Gareth, hanging out inside the plane!

Steve, Tim, and GLOC…

There was definitely some Shenaniganry going on, but how could you expect anything else?

We then went over to visit Morrie…

I even handed my camera to Gareth, and he got a pic of me!

Yep… I think Gareth fits right in, with us…

Ooh… a diver down ice sculpture!

Or, is it Pac Man???

As we made our way back in, it was clear that Tim and GLOC didn’t want to get out…

Bottom Time: 58 minutes
Max. Depth: 41′
Water Temp.: 37F

Yes… That was fun!


Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 ~ 

GUE Ontario Presents: Gareth Lock – Just & Safety Cultures presentation, chez nous. A bunch of GUE Ontario members came over, each brought some food and drink, to make it a pot luck, and Gareth spoke for about two hours (including questions and some discussion).

It was an absolutely fantastic presentation, and we all walked away with more knowledge, and a little more thought into applying some of this into our every day diving. I know all enjoyed it.

We thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule, to come and shed some light with your work! Please come back soon!

We didn’t have very much time with GLOC after the presentation, and we had to rush him off to the airport, again. Perhaps one of these days, we can come and visit you, over the pond!

If you have an hour to spare, it is definitely worth the time to tune into the below presentation, of Gareth’s (recorded from another venue).

Thanks again, Gareth!!!!!!!



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