JK, From The UK, In Canada, Eh!

5 07 2013

June 21st, 2013 ~

We had been chatting with John Kendall about coming over to Canada, to do some diving with us. There happened to be a few folks that wanted to take Tech 1 with him, so we were happy to host at our place.

John’s flight was pretty much on time, and collecting him did not take long, at all. With the 5 hour time difference, and a couple of late working nights, John was a little tired. We arrived chez nous, got some gear together for the morning, and went to sleep!

June 22nd, 2013 ~

We had a charter booked for the afternoon, which was nice. We didn’t have to get up at the crack of ridiculous, and had a bit of time before heading down to St. Lawrence Park. Tom Scott had a charter going out, looking for some wreckage. Eric and Cory joined us, too!

Having some fun, before the dive.

I was a total dork, and had forgotten my can light, which did leave me a little light on our 10′ stop (*duhh*). Nothing a rock couldn’t help me with…

We had a fun swimming drift dive, and did manage to find a few clues (chamber basin and some charred wood), as to where some of the wreckage might be. It was great to be in the water, and we are happy that it was warming up, a bit. I did also find a fancy red flag, which I donated to Tom. 😛 We also got to the old truck, and were able to show it to John!

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 6 mins.
Max. Depth: 102′
Water Temp.: 60F

Wow… Cory really grew in this pic…

It was then off to dinner, and back home!

June 23rd, 2013 ~

John was starting the first of two GUE T1 courses, today. Steve and I showed him around the quarry, and were going to jump in the water, but… well… we forgot an essential piece of gear… which is just ridiculous. We have had a pretty good track record, up until now. I think we shall blame John. 😛 *Ducks*

I still took some surface shots.

Line Drills… Watch out for that wreck! 😛

Zero Vis Exit..

*The work week went by, for us*

Experience Dive Day! Steve and I made our way down to Caiger’s, and hopped onto Rick’s boat, with the class. Michel and Eric V. were doing their experience dive with John, and Carm and Steph joined us, too! Steve and I had planned on a longer bottom time, and brought scooters with us. We scootered across to the other side, for something new to look at. As we descended, we saw some kind of round, steel structure. We have absolutely no idea what it was, and had not seen it before. It almost looked like a hatch on a freighter (although, we are pretty sure that it wasn’t).

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 44 mins.
Max. Depth: 200′
Water Temp.: 63F
Visibility: Quite nice!

Group shot, taken by Rick Lymer!
Me, Eric V., Michel G., Carm B., John K., Steve B., Steph B.

Congratulations to Michel and Eric!! Well done, guys! GUE Tech 1 divers!

June 30th, 2013 ~

John started another course, and a few of us went down to Guindon Park (separate Bloggy Thing entry).

July 1st, 2013 ~

Steve, Oren, and I slept in (yes… we acquired an Oren, overnight), then made our way up to the quarry, to meet John et. al. I brought my camera, to take a few shots, while Steve and Oren had a bit of a surprise for John.

We first went over to the shark, to show Oren (he hadn’t seen it since it had been fixed up and floated).

Oren, donating to his buddy…

We then went down to the sub, and started up the wall, when we saw “the guys.” 😀

Steve got ready…

Oren got ready…

We snuck back down… I hovered over top, while Steve was on one side of John, and Oren was on the other side… with nice, big, fancy SNORKELS on!

Mission complete!

John must have thought we were completely nuts… (although, he may have figured that out, before that moment).

We made our way back to the plane, where we goofed around a little, then back into the shallows for some pics.


Dr. O…

Since our very good friend, Laurynn’s, birthday was coming up, we decided to take a few pics for her, too!

Bottom Time: 52 mins.
Max. Depth: 60′
Water Temp.: 46F (below thermocline, at sub)

Course #2, cleaning up, to get out…

John, stowing his deco reg…

Bad boyz…

Steve, John, James, Oren…

Congrats to James, for getting GUE Tech 1! w00t! It’s about time! 😛

We had a fun couple of weeks with John, and there are a few more happy GUE-Y folks, too!

Come on back, John!



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