ARRRiba! Cavezzzz, It Shall Be – Part One – Getting There

7 12 2013

Well, it had been a while since we had been to the cavez (“a while,” can be defined as any time between the time we get home, and the time we leave again – whether that be one week or one year), and we had been looking forward to this trip. Two weeks of CAVEZZZZ! I will break up the Bloggy Thing Entries into a handful of parts, so that you aren’t reading this one for the rest of the week.  🙂

Saturday, December 7th, 2013 ~

Steve’s Dad picked us up, and took us to the airport. Steve and I both happened to be randomly chosen to go through the full body check machine, and Steve’s zipper triggered the scanning device (since I don’t actually know what it is called, I shall call it the scanny thing). We knew that they would want to go through our carry on luggage, since we had plenty of dangerous-looking dive gear in it.

Once we got through, we went to Timmy’s, to have a bite to eat. Normally, I do not drink coffee, but today was a French Vanilla kind of day. The nice lady did not even charge us the “up-charge,” to have it, or for Steve’s donut to muffin upgrade. Thank you, Timmy Lady!

The nice Timmy Lady is pictured below, on the far right.

Since we had a bit of time before our flight boarded, we went through some DPV Cave gas planning, which made us a little thirsty, for some Booster Juice.

Thank you for sharing, Jose Bautista!

Of course, I had to be a bit of a dork…

On the plane, we watched a couple of movies. I watched something with James Gandolfini and “Elaine” (I still cannot call her Julia), then Turbo, and an episode of 2 Broke Girls.

It was a little squishy in the middle seat, but I did meet a fellow named, Kevin, who was celebrating his 50th Birthday, and had never been to Mexico. His wife and kids surprised him with the trip, and were also joined by his sister and brother in law. The Captain had been tipped off, and announced his Birthday on the radio. The entire planed joined in to sing Happy Birthday, to Kevin. 🙂

We arrived in Cancun about 30 minutes early, and the gate that we were supposed to use was being occupied. We had to wait…and wait…and wait… Not a huge deal, but when one has to use the facilities, and has to wait… It’s a long time…

We finally got to another gate, got our luggage, and proceeded through to the luggage lottery button. For those that have not been to the Cancun airport, you get your luggage, and on your way out, you have to press the “magic button!” If you get a green light, you are free to go. If you get a red light, you must proceed directly to jail… Ok, not jail, but they go through all of your luggage. I usually get to press this magic button, and usually get a green light. Not this time… RED! Doh!

We dragged our luggage over to the inspection table, and they started with Steve. Steve had his RB80 in his luggage, which they immediately asked its value, what it was, and had to decide whether or not we had to pay a tax on it. The fellow went to his manager, came back, and told us that it was ok. *Phew!* Another lady came to the table, and started to go through my items. She went through one of the bags, and told us that we were ok to go through. Thank you, nice lady! 🙂

Once we went through, there was a fellow that came to us, that told us he was taking us over to the spot where the “Easy Way” (car rental) people would be. We were trying to keep up with him, and ask him if he was with Easy Way, but he was on a mission. A scamming mission. He told us that he only works for tips, so I gave him a Toonie (dumb-ass), and we realized that this was the complete wrong spot (yes, we have done this many times, but this guy got us). Steve went to find the “real” guy, while I watched the luggage. *Sigh* At least we were only scammed for a toonie.

We were joined up with another couple, George and Donna, who were also in the van, going to the car place. Very nice couple.

When we arrived at the car rental place, we just happened to run into Chris, Tracy, and her folks. They were very sad to be leaving this wonderful place, but congratulations on your cave course, Chris!

I switched from my sneakers to my flippie floppies! Ahhhhhhh… Much better!

Of course, we had confirmed that we needed a hatchback, and we watched as the last Golf (the car that we had requested) went out of the rental place. They wanted to give us a sedan, which does not work for diving with scooters. They gave us a neat little Nissan sport van (7-seater, but not nearly the size of our mini-vans), but they were going to come and meet us at our resort the next day, to replace the car with a smaller one. At least we were on our way!

Arrived at the resort, had some champagne in the check-in line, dumped our luggage, and noted that our toilet was broken. Doh! At least they came to fix it, pretty quickly. We headed for the buffet, where we had to christen the day with a couple of Daiquiri De Fraisas!

…and a Daiquiri De Mango!

We then met up with Stretch and Forest (and some other fellow, who shall remain nameless)… 😛

We eventually moved over to the lounge chairs, where we sat on the beach, and just enjoyed.

Back in the room, we noted the little sign, by the fridge… I think it’s wrong – I was a little tired…

I also couldn’t even imagine throwing our beverages…

That was enough excitement for one day! Tomorrow, there shall be CAVEZZZZZZZZZZZZ! 😀



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2 01 2014

While reading about Mx it is snowing on your page …

2 01 2014

Yes, it is! Brrrrr! 🙂

9 01 2014

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