Cavezzzz, It Shall Be – Part Seven – It Might Have Been A Grand Day…

18 12 2013

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 ~

Same routine… To the shop, where we analyzed our tanks and checked the pressures. I checked our stages (which were full), and moved on towards both Steve’s and my doubles.  A little birdie told me that they had been checked (yes, I did analyze them), so we were on our way. We had a few different buddy teams, and I was joining the bunch to La Boca….. almost.

I dressed up, turned on my tanks, and….

I guess these ones weren’t checked. No dive for me. I could have joined the Cave 1 team (I also had a full stage), but they had already gone in.

I sulked, while Becki kept me company (thank you for cheering me up, Becki!!!), and we hung out with the turtles.

Heleen, Erik, and Jan K. arrived back…

I would have waited for the others to come out, to take some pics, but…

Bottom Time: 0 Hours, 0 Mins.
Max. Depth: 1 ATA
Temp.: Hot w/ Rain

The moral of the story: Check your tank pressure, before leaving the shop – Even if you already know to do so. Pft…

On our drive home, we saw random orange cones, in the road. A couple of them seemed to be warding off a stray plastic bag… *Random*

After returning to the resort, we decided to order room service, watch some TV, and go to sleep.

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 ~

Today was a Camilo day! Steve, Dan, John, Karen, and I brought scooters, and were going for a ride! We started off along the main line, then to the Grand Canyon line, where we went to the end. This cave has so many different appearances to it, that it is pretty fascinating. This was the first time that I had been through the Grand Canyon, and I really liked it.

We came back, then followed the Black Forest line, and saw some absolutely gorgeous cave. My scooter seemed to feel a little bit sluggish, so even though I was absolutely in love with this section of the cave, and how much prettier it was getting, as we continued, I signaled and turned the dive. Feeling the sleepiness of my scooter, I did not want to take any chances of going any further into the cave. :/ Sadly, we turned around. I was able to stay on my scooter, but it kept getting slower, as we made it back to the exit. It really sucked to turn it, but I know that I made the right decision.

(We had checked the voltage before loading in the morning, but it turned out that I had a crappy battery)

We did a little bit of deco, then made our way out. *Sniff*

Poor Dan had another failure – his light completely flooded.. D’oh!

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 37 mins.
Max. Depth: 70′
Water Temp.: 77F

The fellas decided to get out, while Karen and I ditched our scooters and stages, and went for a swim, in “Mud.” As we entered, the visibility was absolutely horrible. It was what I would expect to see in the St. Lawrence River – except, not green. There were particles of “stuff” floating everywhere, and we entered this massive dark cave, with huge formations. There were lines along the walls, appearing as if someone had taken a red paint roller along them. Just so completely different and fascinating to see. We took our time, since there was just so much to look at! What an interesting place!

Bottom Time: 34 mins.
Max. Depth: 47′
Water Temp.: 77F/80F

It seems that the land owner no longer has his horses. These buildings used to be really nice horse stalls, with the horses’ names above them.

Back to the shop, unloaded, put the scooters on the chargers, and raced back to the resort, to catch the BBQ/Pizza guy, which usually closes at 4pm.

We hung around the resort for a while, with a couple of fancy drinks! Thanks to Becki, for noticing them, and asking for them!

We then went over to The Pub, to meet Panos for some food, beverage, and great conversation. 🙂



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