Spring In The Park!

13 04 2015

Sunday, April 12th, 2015 ~

It was a gorgeous spring day, so Steve and I made our way down to the RIVER!!!

We knew that the water would be pretty chilly, but we just had to get back in.





The water looked so clear, from the surface, and it turned out not to be so bad, past the basin.

We figured that we could take a couple of Project Baseline pics/stats, while we were at it!

We got to the wreck, in no time, so we started to take some shots.

Bow of the Gaskin (it’s really falling apart)…



View, from the top deck, facing the bow…



Steve, by the starboard side of the bow…



Steve had a couple of leaks, so we weren’t able to stay too long. That water was chilly!

Bottom Time: 30 minutes
Max. Depth: 60′
Water Temp.: Debatable – I had 37F; Steve had 33F; A-Bay buoy says 35F – So… CHILLY!
Vis.: 55F

But, first…



Cold Water Pudgy Faces strike again!



Yipppieeeee! We’re back in the River, baby!!



I love how the trees in the background make it look like Steve has a bad hair cut! 😛






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