Island 99

16 07 2016

Saturday, July 16th, 2016 ~

So… we had intended on being at the dive site quite a bit earlier than we actually got there. A combination of packing the trailer (since Steve had just made benches for it), redoing a mix, and starting later than we had hoped, we were late – quite a bit late. Our secret dive buddy was probably not too happy with us, although we did let him know our progress, throughout the lateness.

The trailer, once we arrived…


Once we arrived, we put our scooters and bottles in the water, and got our butts moving!

Our entry…


Our plan was to scooter 15 minutes upstream, cut across, and do some investigating, across the first channel. We saw a lot of fish, including a “Homer” catfish. What is a Homer catfish, you ask? It’s a giant catfish, that once he realizes that you are in his space, he has absolutely no idea what to do with himself, so he swims very dopily (that is also a new word), in circles, not having a clue where he is going. He was quite amusing to watch, even though we did try not to disturb him. We also saw quite a few bass, a walleye, some gobies, and Steve found an anchor, on the south side.

Bottom Time: 1 Hour, 49 mins.
Max. Depth: 103′
Water Temp.: 71F – 73F




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