4- Always Room For Tears

16 02 2018

Friday, February 16th, 2018 ~

Today’s planned dive didn’t quite pan out as we had hoped. We couldn’t go to the cenote that we wanted to, so we ended up going to Car Wash, instead. We hadn’t been there since 2010, when we had a big group of us visiting. When we did our C2, in 2008, our Room of Tears dive didn’t quite happen, on the upstream side. There was a whole thing about, “You said the jump was 30 feet,” and, “No, I said 30 meters,” and a safety spool, and… well… we never did make it to that room… until today!


There were a few other groups in the cave, but only one other jump line down the rabbit hole. We could see their lights coming back, so we waited for them to come through, then made our jump.

Hmm… this little passage doesn’t appear as tight as it did in 2008. I guess your perception of a tight space changes, as you gain more cave time. 😆

w00000t! Room of Tears! After all this time. Pretty cave goodness.

We continued along the line, up and down a couple of crevices, until we got to a spot, where it didn’t look like the line continued. It was up against a wall, and seemed to end. Oh, wait… Steve is in front, and he’s eying up a crevice, going down. I’m thinking, “Oh, hell, no.” As I’m thinking that, Steve went head-first, down the hole, and slithered down. As I watched his fins disappeared, I neared it. “Ohhh… hell, yes!” Definitely doable. Down, I go, head over tea kettle, down the hole. Freakin’ awesome little restriction! I may or may not have giggled, a little.

We swam a little more, then turned back. What a freakin’ fun dive!

Upon returning to the basin, we practiced a bunch of skills, and recorded them, with the Go Pro.

BT: 1 hour, 36 minutes

Max. Depth: 61′

Water Temp.: 78F

Avg. Depth: 28′

Tanks: Back gas, only – AL80s

ur day didn’t quite go as planned, but we still had a fun dive, and got to practice skills. A day of Cave Diving Goodness, is a good day. When I was exiting the water, a girl was recording me, with her phone. She said to me, “You look happy!” I replied, “I am! It’s beautiful, down there!” CAVEZZZZZZZ!

we unpacked at the shop, we met Oren and Rasa for dinner. The band at Latitude 20 was AWESOME! I had to use that word – it was the word of the night! Of course, we had to top off the night with some gelato! We walked by Cafe Ole, where I saw my new friend, Gaylita. I promised her that I would g back to karaoke, on Monday! 🎤🎼

We will see what tomorrow’s adventure brings!



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