Day 4 – No Alberto…

3 12 2019

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 ~

Today’s adventure led us to Nahoch. 250 peso’rinas, to get in.

Oren led today’s dive, followed by Chris, and then me, in the back. We had planned on going to the Alberto line, but ended up on the main line. Meh… all good. We were cave diving, so all was right in the underground.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming – A nice and relaxing backgas only dive, looking at pretty white cavezzzzzzz. I can get into that! Wait… I DID get into that! 😀

We swam for an hour, then made our way back.

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 47 mins.
Max. Depth: 24′
Water Temp.: 77F
Avg. Depth: 15′

Tina, Chris, Oren
After Cavezzzzz happy faces

After the dive, Oren treated us to some delicious burritos! Burrito con pollow, con queso. So freaking delicious!

Back to the shop, chill at the condo, and then dinner and singing, at Cafe Ole. We were joined by Peter, Manu, Gus, Larry, Yiannis, Chris, Tina, Oren, Steve, Mike, Peter, Alessandra, and we even ran into Dennis W., who we haven’t seen in years.

Yay! Ale and Peter!

I sang a few songs, and the lovely Gaylita opted to open Thursday night singing nights, so that I could sing again before we left. Thank you, Gaylita! ❤ We had an absolute blast!

We didn’t stay too late, as we had cavezzzz to dive, the next day! 😀



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