AGGAST…With A Little Bit Of Awesome Sauce! Part 4 of 4.

15 09 2011

Tuesday, Septmber 6th, 2011 ~

Karen had to catch her flight today, so we went down for our Free Hotel Breakfast, which really wasn’t bad at all, then back up to the room.

I decided to go for a walk, and went down to the Pike Place Market. I had never been to Seattle, so I wanted to check it out!

There were so many interesting booths and goodies for sale. I even passed a fellow playing a sitar. He was pretty good!


I toured around for a couple of hours, then made my way back up the hill. I did stop in a couple of stores, and took in the scenery. I even found a very yummy taco place, where I picked up some dinner, to go!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 ~

I was undecided as to what I was going to do today. I had a few ideas, but wasn’t really sure where anything was. I looked up the Seattle Aquarium, as Kathryn had suggested going there. I was going to call a cab, but then did a search on the directions.. Yeah.. that would have been silly. It was about a kilometer away! Off I went!

Oh look! A self portrait with an orca!

I saw sharks, sea horses, crabs, shrimp, fish of every kind, otters, seals, and I was even there for the Octopus feeding.

I also spoke to a girl about molting, which was actually quite interesting!

Seattle King Crab molting…

Yet another self portrait, with my head facing the wrong direction…lol.

Thank you for the suggestion, Kathryn! I had a great time there!

I walked back up the hill, lounged for a bit, then met Laurynn! Richard came to meet us too, and we headed to  the infamous Cove 2. There was a Tweak dive going on, but we were a bit early, so we decided to go to “Don’t Worry Be  Happy Hour,” down the road!

Of course, we were well-behaved.

Yes… there was much laughter…

Melody even joined in on the fun and goodness!

Bartender’s Mix? What does that really mean???

We finally made our way back down the road, where we met up with the gang. We were not diving tonight, but it was good to be able to bid “until next times” to everyone, and even meet a few more new faces. Marc was in town, too!

What an excellent place to dive, with such an awesome community. An extra thank you to my AGGAST sisters, for such a great trip! In the words of Arnold.. “I’ll be back!”

Thanks for the Awesome Sauce!!! See you in February, for the next AGGAST adventure!!

Below are a couple of videos that I put together, from the trip. 🙂

Keystone Jetty…

Day Island Wall…