Holiday At The River!

7 08 2012

Monday, August 6th, 2012 ~ Civic Holiday!

River, you say? I’m in! A small gaggle of us went for a tour! It was time to test the truck location (meaning, to see if we could locate it again), and show it to our friends that had yet to see it! At least, that was the plan…

Myself, Steve, Chris P., Oren, Jen B., Mike, and Michel had scooters, and were willing to travel… in the water… to the truck… we hoped!

Our first stop was the Gaskin, since our bearings had been from there. We reached it, headed South, then east, then for a drift! The current wasn’t moving as quickly this time around, so it did take a little longer, moving along the channel.

Wouldn’t you know it… TRUCK! SWEET! That is three times, now (although, I missed one of the times, due to my ripped neck seal). Jen had her camera with her, and got some video. So, yes… There is videographic evidence that we have seen the truck! No photoshop involved! w00t!

Bottom Time: 2 hours, 9 minutes
Max. Depth: 101′
Water Temp.: 75F

It’s True… We Finally Found It

4 07 2012

Monday, July 2nd, 2012 ~

It is hard to believe, but after 5 years of searching for that elusive old Chevy truck, we found the darn thing. Yes, other people have found it, and even with others’ directions (including GPS coordinates, that we hadn’t used), we were still not able to find the thing.. until today.

Scooters, taken by Eric Bourque…

The goal of the dive was not even to search for the truck! We scootered upstream, dropped into the channel, then drifted. We drifted for a while, then came back up to 65′, where we ended up at the Gaskin.

Since we had time and gas, we took a bearing off of the Gaskin, scootered south, then east, then drifted… It was myself, Steve, Eric, and James, and since the visibility was not that great, we spread out enough that we could still see each other and our lights, but also enough so that we could cover a good bit of ground. I was on the far left side, then Steve, then James, then Eric.

We were all keeping our eyes peeled, when up ahead, I saw a very slight darkness in the ground. This is normal though, as the riverbed does change in places, form periwinkle shells to dirt, and vice versa. Just to be sure, I hit the trigger… HOLY CRAP!!! IT’S A TRUCK!!!

I signaled like a mad lady, and everyone scootered over. It did occur to me that they might think I was pulling an “Out Of Gas,” but since we were on the lookout for something that we had been searching for for years, I was confident that they would realize that it was definitely fast signal worthy.

I think we did happy dances for about 10 minutes (Ok, it might have been 5, but it seemed longer). We swam and scootered around it, checking it out. From the size of it, it is definitely an easy target to miss, especially in visibility like this!

Of course, there was absolutely no photographic or videographic evidence of this dive… I guess we will just have to go back!

Bottom Time: 2 hours, 11 minutes

Max. Depth: 105′

Water Temp.: 68F

Most excellent!

James, Steve, me, Eric. Taken by Eric Bourque and his camera timer. 🙂

Also,  a shout-out to Laurynn! We found it on your Birthday! w00t! 🙂