Oppan Magnum Style

18 09 2012

Sunday, September 16th, 2012 ~

Off to Centeen! We met Eric and Mike, to go scootering upstream, do some exploring, then head into the channel. We had the magnums with us, for extra burn time.

We started off in the shallows, headed upstream, and passed the “Bench.” The visibility was absolutely horrible, and it was tough to really see anything. We still kept on, in the hopes that it would clear up a bit, in the channel.. .Not so much. Oh well… We were still having fun, checking out different things, and seeing a bunch of neat bottles. Steve saw a really neat round-shaped one, with a chip in the lip of it. We saw a couple of large carp, and a whole bunch of bass. I did see a couple of the jellies, but not as many as the previous week’s dive. The water is starting to slowly drop in temperature, so they most likely won’t be around much longer.

We eventually dropped into the channel, where the current really picked up. We drifted for a while, then hit the trigger, along with the current. Holy water flying, Batman! What a blast! We came back in, hung about in the shallows for a bit, then ascended. When we got out, it was brought to my attention that I had been “Princessified!” Funny, I did feel Eric touching my gear, but I figured he was turning off a backup light, or something. Nope… I was had. Although, since there is no photographic evidence of this event, I am going to pretend that it did not happen. 🙂

Bottom Time: 3 hrs. 1 min.
Max. Depth: 101′
Water Temp.: 70F
Visibility: Horrible


Out For A Night Dive!

14 09 2012

Thursday, September 13th, 2012 ~

Steve and I decided to go out for a night dive. Steve picked me up from work, and we made our way down to the park. The traffic was nasty, but we eventually got ourselves down there. We knew we wouldn’t have a whole lot of daylight left, once we got there, but we were happy to have some of it, before we ventured into a night dive!

We hit the bench at 13 minutes, then kept on towards the wall. We went another ten minutes, which was our plan, and then looked around in the darkness. We really did not have much daylight, and the visibility was horrible. We did see a bunch of bass, walleyes, perch, and eel, crayfish, scuttering along, which was pretty neat.

It got dark pretty quickly, and although it was really tough to see, we still were able to focus, and look around, a little.

We eventually made our way back to the entry, packed up our gear, then to Timmy’s, for some well-deserved chili! It was fun to go for some Diving Goodness, during a “school night!”

Bottom Time:  2hrs., 16mins.
Max Depth: 70′ (avg. 34′)
Water Temp: 71F

A Ride At The Park – So It Seems!

5 09 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012 ~

Scooter time! So, I guess I have been behind in my Bloggy Thing posts, so this one slipped through the cracks. I do know that we did the dive, as I do have photographic evidence.

Centeen Park…

I am sure that we traveled upstream, and dropped into the channel, and I also know that there were freshwater jellies along the way. The visibility has been absolutely horrible this year, so I do know that we didn’t see much, apart from our buddies beside us, and whatever was directly in our path.

Bottom Time: 1 hr., 52 mins.
Max. Depth: 102′
Water Temp: 73F
Visibility: Cruddy

Me, with some serious neck burn…

Mike and Jen…

Free-Z-Dive 2012 – The Free Divers

11 03 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012 ~

Since our Free Diving friends were not able to come out last year, it has been two years since we have seen them. We were happy that they were able to come out this year, and we were able to “shoot” them! Mike Grebler was also along for some Picture-Taking Goodness.

François Leduc is the current president of AIDA Canada, that the group is all a part of. They train in Quebec, and travel the world for competitions. It is a real treat to be able to share this with them!

The hole was nice an open, and the beach entry was the easiest it has been all winter.

Steve, Eric, and I timed our entry for when the Free Divers were ready, and were on our way.

Steve brought his scooter along, so that his video camera had more stability, and handed it off to Eric, while he took Serge’s for a test run. They would interchange, throughout the dive. 🙂

We made our way over to the plane, which would be our post, for the dive.

They started coming down, from one of their three entry points. Eric gets a Dive-By buzz from Philippe Beauchamp…

I find it absolutely amazing that these people are able to do this, and it still gives me the “heebeejeebees,” when I watch them swim from hole to hole. They are incredible to watch!

Warwick Long flies by for a pose!

Lionel Bernard has some fun!

AIDA Canada president, François Leduc…

Philippe even had fun with some bubbles…

I just love being able to be a part of this, and helping to make memories for the divers.

Of course, we had to take a couple of shots of us, too!



..and… of course, me hamming it up for a self-portrait!

Bottom Time: 49 mins.
Max Depth: 29′
Water Temp: 37F
Vis.: Not too shabby!

A wonderful group of people, and I look forward to some fun projects with them, this year! Thanks guys ‘n’ gal! 🙂

AGGAST Comes North~

25 02 2012

Thursday, February 16th, 2012 ~

Airport pick-ups! Laurynn and Karen were first, followed by Sonya, and then Kathryn. I had a good parking spot, but since Steve went to do a coffee run, he lost his spot. Steve called as he was getting closer to us, in the line-up of cars that were being waived through. We had some luggage ready to throw into the back of his van, so that we didn’t get in trouble from the airport cops, and Karen was ready to jump into the passenger seat. Exchange complete! They were off! We waited for Kathryn, then were on our way home, too!

Once we got to our place, we directed people towards their sleeping spots for the next few days, chatted for a while, then to sleep!

Friday, February 17th, 2012 ~

Breakfast was at Cora’s, which is an exceptional place to eat!

We ate, chatted some more, then went back to the house, to load up. Off to the quarry, we went!

Eric and Steve both had their chainsaws, and worked on cutting the hole for us. We got ourselves ready to dive, and we were off to the races!

“Are we really doing this??”

Of course, there was some shenaniganry, as we readied to dive!

The princess was preparing for a surprise meeting!

We descended under the ice, and Eric ran the line out to the main line. Steve brought our video camera, as we had to document our US friends’ inaugural ice dive! Kathryn had her camera, and Jen brought along her video camera.

Sonya and Laurynn, with Steve in the background…

Karen and Kathryn…

Eric takes in the sights, above…

We had a most excellent dive, and there was much fun and Shenaniganry! Our friends had done their first ice dive, and even enjoyed it!!!

Bottom Time: 37 mins.
Max Depth: 44′
Water Temp: 39F
Vis.: Not too shabby!

Dinner was at The Works, where they stuck us in a cage… How did they know? Everything was delicious, and although there was a Squirrel Fail, there was much laughter and grins from the day’s dive.

We made our way back to our place, for cupcakes, chatter, and some video review! We also watched a slideshow of Kathryn’s shots!

A fun day!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 ~

Today, we headed to Timmy’s for breakfast (with a few people sneaking to Booster Juice), then we were quarry bound. When we got there, there were about 5000 cars (ok, probably about 20) in the main parking lot, and even more in the back lot. It was definitely going to be a busy day at the quarry. One of the guys told us that they were moving out shortly, and we would be able to move our cars closer. Sweet!

We did not need to cut the hole again, so we took our time gearing up. Finally, the parking spots opened up, and we were able to pull our cars down. Woo hoo! Time to dive!

James, Oren, Chris, Mike, and Jen were also here today, and this time, Steve had the video housing on the scooter mount, to get some more cool footage of everyone.  There were a couple of other cameras in the water, too (Kathryn, Chris, Jen, James.. if I remembered all of the cameras)!  It was a camera day!

So, I guess it is fair to say that there was even more Shenaniganry to be had, today. This time, we had more players!

I think Eric was suspecting that he was under attack from the Princessi!

Yeah, he was right…

We even managed to get a group shot! Well… Everyone, except for me! 😛

Ice Push-Ups, anyone?

Hmm… What is that, hanging from Eric’s butt??? On closer inspection, he seems to have been Princessified!!

Bottom Time: 48 mins.
Max Depth: 38′
Water Temp: 37F
Vis.: The same!

Sonya found an ice heart! Sonya and Laurynn must love Canada. 😛

We were a big group, today! Yes, we were all DUI Dogs of the week! w00t!

After such Diving Goodness, we made our way to Ha Noi Pho for some delicious Viet cuisine!

The Biebs came along, and since he didn’t get to participate in the day’s Shenaniganry, he wanted to try this ice diving thing, too…

I think he approves.

Then he got into the booze…

A fun way to end the day!

Sunday, February 19th, 2012 ~ 

Finally, some sunshine! Today would be our last day of Ice Diving Goodness, with our AGGAST sisters!

It was also Eric’s Birthday! Karen and I snuck over to the store, while everyone started to order breakfast, at Booster Juice! We had the perfect cake, and were hoping that he didn’t see us walking back to the van, with it!

Then… Quarry bound, once again!

Today, we decided to follow the other line, and head down to the sub. It wasn’t long before there was.. Yes, you guessed it… Shenaniganry!

Laurynn and I, with a self-portrait!

We played around at the sub for a while, came back up, then moved the reel over to the plane line!

On our way back in, we noticed that someone was waiting for us…

Coming back to the entry/exit…

Bottom Time: 46 mins.
Max Depth: 55′
Water Temp: 37F
Vis.: More of the same!

However, the Shenaniganry did not end when we got out of the water. There was dancing, pilates, and new ways to position ourselves in the snow!!

Sonya shows us how it’s done!

Sonya and Steve do “The Sonya!”

AGGAST Supastaaaaaaaaaaaas!

James shows us his fancy moves, too!

I then received a snowball!

Pardon? I can’t hear you!!

Then, it was time for cake! I was trying to get everyone to corral Eric into the cottage, while I went for the cake! I almost got caught, and I think Eric knew that something was up. Oh well… He seemed to like his special Princessi cake!! 😛

From there, we headed up to the infamous Jean Burger, where we introduced our friends to Poutine! You can’t come to Quebec, and not have Poutine!

Sonya had heard of a covered bridge nearby, so we did a little inquiring, and figured out where to go! Steve and I had never been to it, so it was a really neat thing to see!

Road closed… Um… You think???

On the way back, we stopped at a spot on the side of the road, that had a natural spring water spout. People would come with empty containers, to fill them up with incredibly yummy, fresh water! We had driven by it so many times, but had never stopped!

We headed back to our place, where we chilled for a while, then to Swiss Chalet for some Dining Goodness, then to karaoke, to finish off the weekend’s fun and adventure!

I am very happy to know such wonderful people, and to be able to dive with friends from all over. What an excellent weekend of Shenaniganry and AGGAST Diving Goodness!!!

Shenaniganry WAS had in multitudes!!!

Thanks for such an awesome weekend!!!!!! Planning for the next AGGAST get-together MUST commence!!

A video, put together by Steve!


Woo Hoo!! Team AGGAST also became DUI Dogs Of The Week!! w00t! 🙂


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