Another Diving Weekend ~ Day 2

1 05 2009

April 24th – April 26th, 2009 ~

 Day 2

Today was an unofficial DIR Ontario day! Steve, Francois, and I went down to Centeen Park, where we met up with Greg, Jay, Oren, Kevin, and Jeremy for our favourite scooter dive. The water is warming up a bit, but it still wouldn’t be as long of a dive as we normally do in the summer.  

We brought our gear down to the entrance and geared up.


As we geared up, we saw another couple of friends, going for a swim…

Scott W.  and Eric B….


Frankie also distributed a few scooter end caps…


Greg, analyzing gas…


Jay, Oren, and Steve…






Kevin and Jeremy…


Once we got in the water, we did our checks, and formed our teams. There were eight of us, so we’d have to pay a bit extra attention to detail on remaining together. We dropped down to 15′, gathered ourselves, did bubble checks, and headed out.

Our plan was to scooter out into the channel, see what we could find, then drift back onto the Gaskin. This is one of my favourite dives, and could do it just about every weekend. We don’t seem to see many of the same things twice, and we always end up back on the Gaskin.

We headed out, stopping a couple of times, to keep together, and dropped down to the channel. Ok! Time to drift!

Umm… wait a second… Where’s the current? We hovered there for a couple of minutes, but the current forgot to show up. Huh… odd. The current does vary out here, but there is usually enough in the channel for a nice drift back to the Gaskin. Apparently, not today! We decided to hit the triggers again, and zig zagged around, having a bit of fun.

Of course, we did end up back at the Gaskin, and had some more fun, with all of us zipping around the wreck. It was time to turn the dive, and we headed back in.

Bottom Time ~ 68 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 80′
Water Temp. ~ 43
Vis. ~ 30 – 50′

We pulled the gear out, then headed for a bite to eat, to share our adventure and debrief!


From left to right:
Jay Roy, Francois Tremblay, Jeremy Jones, Oren Levstein, Kevin Ripley, Steve Blanchard, Chantelle Blanchard, Greg Mossfeldt…


Gotta love the new stickers… (plug for Mark Em at Dive Signs)!! 😛

Stay tuned for Day 3!