Hallelujah! Back In The Water!

17 11 2007

Saturday, November 17th, 2007 ~

Well.. holy smoke… What a relief!! Back in the water!!! A whole gaggle of us met at Rockport Dive, thanks to Jeff, who allowed us use of his dock, as well as shuttled a few of us out to the Kinghorn.

Myself, Carm, Tom, Sean F, Jen E, Nancy, and Jeff boarded the boat, while Steve, Leigh, Kevin, Vinnie, Sean M, and Oren scootered over to the wreck. Tom ended up staying on the boat while the rest of us headed down to dive. The Kinghorn is a wooden wreck with a steel hull, that sits about 200 yards from the shore. There is slight current on it, and several artifacts inside, that are very interesting to look at. It sits in about 90′, and is 133′ long. We swam through the cargo holds, posed for some pics (of which I do not have copies of), and also got caught on video! Carm and I started our ascent, which went well as far as free ascents go, but it was the first time we have done a “deeper” dive together, and will need to work on keeping in sync a bit more, but it was a wonderful dive, with a great buddy, and awesome vis!

Bottom Time ~ 37 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 88′
Water Temp ~ 49 F
Vis. ~ 50′ – 60′

Here are some topside pics!

The boat!

Carm and I…

Sean F and Tom

Nancy, Sean, Jen E

Dougs plaque that was brought up for the winter. It will be set in stone, placed in a 200 lb block next spring, and be made permanent on the wreck. God bless, Doug…

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 ~

Steve, Carm, and I headed back down to Rockport to meet the gang again. We had a few different friends today, but alot of the same characters! Steve, Kevin, Vinnie, and JJ scootered out to the Kinghorn, while Tom, Sean, Barry and Jeff took the boat out. Jen E was topside on the boat. Carm and I decided to take a swim to the west, and check out some of the other stuff! We had an amazing and relaxing dive, did some skills, and met some fine, finned friends!

Bottom Time ~ 57 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 62′
Water Temp. ~ 48 F
Vis. ~ 50′ – 60′



Carm by a little boat we found along the way…

Some wreckage…

A whole bunch of fish!

Me by a pipe-like thing…

Gar Pike…

What a most excellent couple of days of diving!! Woo Hoo!!!

*Praying my suit comes this week!!*

New GUE Card Arrived

8 11 2007

Thursday, November 8th, 2007 ~

Well, it finally arrived…with baited breath, I went to the mail box, and there it was. The manilla coloured envelope was there, with the Global Underwater Explorers logo in the corner, and “First Class Mail” stamped in red across the left hand side. *Bend it a little*… Yep! It was finally here! I opened the envelope, to be blessed with a typed letter of congratulations from GUE, and signed by none other than Jarrod Jablonski himself.

Ok, so yes, I was like a kid at Christmas… I had finally received the card for my Fundies Tech Pass. The card I got last year, for the Rec pass, stated that I was trained in basic skill refinement. This one says, “Trained in skill refinement, doubles, primary light, and 32% Nitrox.”

I still have a long road of skills to work on, but I’m planning on doing Tech 1 next spring/summer, and Cave 1 in the fall! w00 h00!!

*Insert card pic here!*

1st Weekend In November

4 11 2007

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 ~

Well… ok… sorry… no diving Saturday. Steve was working, and I had some horses to train. Here are a couple of the young ‘uns that I’m breaking… so to speak…

This is Chocolat… the big 2 yr. old that broke my poor lil toe….

…and this is Jolton… a smaller 1 1/2 yr. old …


Sunday, November 4th, 2007 ~

Steve and Leigh had some video to shoot today, at Lock 21. They had to use scooters, so I was shore support again… Ok, this time, Steve and I were really going to get in the water afterwards. I’ve been in the water once in the last 5 weeks, and going batty… We did some fun video shooting before they got in the water too!

Here’s Leigh, modelling a new light he’s testing out…

A picture of the entry point..

I noticed that the water levels were down quite a bit, and even got a pic of the line that one of the jugs is tied off on… The beginning tie off is now out of the water…

The boys geared up and in they went…

I geared up for the boyz’ return!

They did return, with some amazing video footage too. I was ready to dive!!

But… it seems that Steve had a bit of a catheter issue, as well as a glove issue…


Leigh did try to console me, as he knew how loopy I’ve been, not being in the water (yes… even more so than usual).

Soo… back I got into my civies, put my gear away, and watched the video footage. Steve took care of his leaks, packed up, and away we went. I am slightly discouraged, as I’m not sure if I’ll get any water time next weekend either. I’m at least hoping that my drysuit arrives next week!!!!!!!!!!!


Too bad my tub isn’t deep enough!!!

Shore Support

27 10 2007

October 27th, 2007 ~Well.. it appears that I was up for another tank carrying, shore support gig. Steve, Kevin, and Jeremy (who we call JJ), were off for a long scooter dive out of Centeen Park. I was to do a dive with Steve afterwards, as I am having serious “OOW” (Out Of Water) anxiety, and NEED to get in!!! I helped carry everyone’s stage and deco bottles down the hill, to the water, aided in gearing up, and even supplied the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.


Steve and JJ…

I did, however, let the boyz carry their own scooters down.

Off they went on their 2 hour adventure, while I amused myself by going to get treats for afterwards!

They had a great dive (pffttt…). Water temp. was 57, max. depth 90′.

When they got their gear out, Kevin had a last sip of his Travelling Kool Aid…

Sooo… Steve wanted a surface interval before getting in the water again, which turned out to be dinner at Pizza Hut. By the time the boyz had discussed their dive, and we discussed diving in general for what didn’t seem that long, it was getting quite late.

Well.. I guess my dive would have to wait until next week…until then!

Back In Action!

20 10 2007

Saturday, October 20th, 2007 ~Ahhhhhhhh…. after being out of the water for 2 weeks, it was good to get back in! Steve, Kevin, and Leigh were doing a big boy dive, to which I will have to post on a couple of Steve’s findings, once we find out some more information. After the big boy dive, Steve and I went in to see if my big busted toe was going to give me problems in the water. We got in, dropped down, I gave a couple of frog kicks..oo.. oo.. I can feel my broken toe, but it’s really not that bad! Ok.. time for the back fin… surely I’ve forgotten how to do it, now that I’ve been land bound for two weeks. Feet together, slowly lower legs, give a swoosh back up.. w000000000 h000000000000… I have backward motion baby! *happy dance* Again, I can feel the toe, but I’m in bidness! Ok, so the helicopter turns were a little painful, but I was happy with being able to fin with no problems! We just did a short dive, as Kevin and Leigh were waiting for us to have some grub, and we had a couple of errands to run (one of which we didn’t get to do ~ Bridge Island ~ Please forgive me).


Bottom Time ~ 32 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 57
Max. Depth ~ 32′
Vis. ~ Depends where you were… ~ 2′ – 40′

Steve, Leigh, and Kevin, getting their gear together…

There were alot of divers there, doing a course, as well as a few other recreational divers. When the boyz were getting in the water, someone called out my name, that recognized me from another board, and I ended up chatting with he and his buddy for a while. There were also a couple of my friends from New York that I ran into, that were up for an Intro To Tech course, so I was not left hanging while the boyz did their 2 hour dive.

Friends from NY…

Big big and big…

The boyz messin’ around…

…and last, but certainly not least…