Shore Support

27 10 2007

October 27th, 2007 ~Well.. it appears that I was up for another tank carrying, shore support gig. Steve, Kevin, and Jeremy (who we call JJ), were off for a long scooter dive out of Centeen Park. I was to do a dive with Steve afterwards, as I am having serious “OOW” (Out Of Water) anxiety, and NEED to get in!!! I helped carry everyone’s stage and deco bottles down the hill, to the water, aided in gearing up, and even supplied the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.


Steve and JJ…

I did, however, let the boyz carry their own scooters down.

Off they went on their 2 hour adventure, while I amused myself by going to get treats for afterwards!

They had a great dive (pffttt…). Water temp. was 57, max. depth 90′.

When they got their gear out, Kevin had a last sip of his Travelling Kool Aid…

Sooo… Steve wanted a surface interval before getting in the water again, which turned out to be dinner at Pizza Hut. By the time the boyz had discussed their dive, and we discussed diving in general for what didn’t seem that long, it was getting quite late.

Well.. I guess my dive would have to wait until next week…until then!



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