21 10 2017

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 ~ 

It feels like forever, since I’ve posted about Diving Goodness, so here it goes! Steve and I were packed and ready to go DIVING! We met Geneviève and Stéphane at Centeen Park, to do some skills, which went absolutely fabulous. We didn’t think the park would be too busy, since it is nearing the end of October, but we were wrong, wrong, wrong. We had to park quite a bit further than usual, but all was worth it.

As we were gearing up, an older fella walked into the park, and started playing the bag pipes. Ahhhhh… I loved it! Excellent gear-up music.

We got in, and went through a bunch of skills! *Enter GUE skills, here* 😛 Geneviève and Stéphane have worked so hard, and are ready for Cave 1! Way to go, friends!!!

Bottom Time: 56 mins.
Max. Depth: 28′
Water Temp.: 60F


Since we hadn’t been in the channel for a while, Steve and I brought our scooters out, and went for a second dive. w00t w00t! I was already a little chilly, thanks to a leak in my drysuit boot, but I wasn’t cold enough to turn the dive. Off we went!

Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me today, and… we found the carriage with the horse bones! We have only seen it once before, and this time, the skull was missing. There were still other large bones, and some of the teeth. By the looks of it, it was an older horsey. WHY COULDN’T I HAVE BROUGHT THE CAMERA??? I guess we’ll have to go on a mission, to find it, again! We continued on, through the channel, and had a fun drift, before we came back up. We overshot the exit, but only by a very small margin. What a fun day of DIVING GOODNESS!

Bottom Time: 44 mins.
Max. Depth: 105′
Water Temp.: 60F


GUE Day – Centeen Park

24 05 2015

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 ~

Today, we met up with a whole bunch of GUE friends, and a few GUE-interested friends, for a day of training, skills, and fun!

Steve and I were packed and almost ready to go, the night before, as we had planned on leaving our place at 6:30am. Ok, we were a few minutes late, leaving, but we still got to the park with time to spare.

We set up the big tent, brought out the chairs and coolers, and got our gear ready. It was pretty chilly out (around 4C), and the wind was blustery!

Steve started his Training Day, and I briefed my dive buddies on our dive.

My dive buddies: Nick, Roger, and Matthieu…



Here is my fabulous drawing, of the Gaskin (yeah, I know – I’m not going to win any awards, here)…



Andy also came to play, but would dive with Mario, Lisa, and Jen B.!






Steve, getting started with his Training Day, with Marianne, Denis, and Sylvain!



Nick, Matthieu, Roger, and I went out to the Gaskin, to do an impromptu Project Baseline dive! I had my camera with me, so figured that it would be a good time to do it!

Nick and Roger, as we made our way to the line…



Matthieu, to my right. Oops… I caught some of his bubbles!



We had a nice, relaxing swim out, with hardly any current. As we got to the bow, I took a photo, for PB.



Poor thing is really falling apart…


Matthieu, outside the stern, of the wreck…



Nick, inside the wreck…



Roger, inside the wreck…



The stern is pretty badly broken up, too.



It has deteriorated quite a bit, over the winter. View from the stern…



Diving Goodness!



We headed back to the basin, and it occurred to me, that I didn’t see the statues, on the way out. There was the little one, but not the standing ones. Hmmm… Our plan was to check them out, on the way back in.

We surfaced, and Jen, Andy, Lisa, and Mario were doing their gear checks, to do their dive. Apparently, the statues were moved, two days prior! That explains things, and confirms that I’m not completely devoid of my marbles (I know, it’s close, but I do still have a few)!

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 6 minutes
Max. Depth: 70′
Avg. Depth: 40′
Water Temp.: 51F (53F, in shallows)

We regrouped, then went back down, to find the new resting spot, for the statues! Lo and behold, there’s the fella, at the desk!



…and… of course, a selfie, with my statue buddy…



It was a short one, but it was another fun dive!

Bottom Time: 14 minutes
Max. Depth:  29′
Avg. Depth: 23′
Water Temp.:  53F

Group shot! I was trying to smile, but my face wasn’t cooperating.



We got out, had a spot of lunch, and the guys went for fills. There were various teams in and out of the water, for the rest of the day, and we had an absolute blast! If only we had a little bit warmer surface temperature, all would have been perfect!

Lisa! Power Ranger!



Steve’s dive debriefing…



Sylvain, putting his gear together…



Mario and Lisa, before their second dive!



Marianne, after her dives! Smiles are good!



Marianne, Steve, Denis, and Sylvain…



Denis even got to try out his scooter!



A great day!



A big shout-out to SOS – 1000 Islands Chapter, for all of the work that they have done, at Centeen Park, including putting in these benches! They are fantastic!



They came in handy!



You can support these efforts, by getting these fancy Centeen Park Diver Tags! They are not mandatory, but very much appreciated, if you dive at Centeen Park (contact us, or a 1000 Islands Chapter member, for tags). $10, for the year!

Also, a Happy Birthday, to Pierli!



Despite the “wind chill,” it was still an extra fun day, and we plan on doing it again! Come on out, and join us!



Pool Time At Ottawa U

22 02 2015

Saturday, February 21st, 2015 ~

w00 hoo! Warm water time!

Thanks to Bryan H., we were able to book some pool time, at Ottawa U!

There were only four of us, so we had a lot of space to ourselves. Steve and Denis were working on skills, and Bryan and I were working on skills!

Of course, there were scooters, for after skillzzz…



Ahh… Steve was enjoying the no hood/no gloves thing (we all were)!



Bryan and I – I seem to have “fire” hair!



Steve and Denis, working on skills…



…and… then, the scooters came out!






I have a feeling that Bryan may be hooked…



Bottom Time: 2 hours
Max. Depth: 20’ish
Water Temp.: 80’ish
Vis.: Lol…

We braved the snow and ice to get to the pool, but it was well worth it! It was a blast!

Video, by Bryan (mostly!)…

Thetford Mines: Kay-Beck

3 11 2014

Friday, October 31st, 2014 ~

Despite the fact that there would be numerous characters from Frozen, zombies, and superheros knocking on our door for candy, Steve and I were loading up, and heading to Thetford Mines, QC. As we were throwing the last few items into the van, we did get a couple of little trick-or-treaters, and we saw the Best. Dad. Costume. Ever. I have never seen a Storm Trooper living in our neighbourhood, but this dad’s costume was the real deal. I made a comment to him, to which he nodded, as he pushed his daughter’s stroller to the house across the street. Use the force, Storm Trooper… become one of us…

Since we were pressed for time, we went through a Drive-Thru, for dinner. Of course, we brought along our giant bowl of candy, and offered some to the staff, as we drove through. Steve thought I was nuts, at first, but after seeing the reactions of the restaurant staff, there were smiles all around!

Ok… en route… Our drive was pleasantly uneventful… mostly… until we reached the exit towards Thetford Mines. Holy roller coaster road, Batman! There were twists and turns, hills with tummy drops, and it was a 90 km/hr country road, with houses on each side. We drove on this crazy road for about an hour, before making it to our hotel (thanks for hooking us up, Denis!). We settled in, and… z-z-z-z… Only 4 1/2 hours of driving.

Saturday, November 1st, 2014 ~

We were not in a rush to get to Flintkote, so we lazily got some breakfast (mmm… waffles), and got dressed for the frigid weather. It was in the minuses, here!

We arrived, and it took us a couple of wrong turns, once we were inside the quarry, but we eventually found the car park, for the “shallow” side. We met up with a bunch of our friends, analyzed gas, then jumped in the water!

Frankie, Denis and Steve…

The entry…

Steve, after his glove test…

Me, waiting for the Diving Goodness to begin!

We did bring our scooters with us (duhhhh), and Steve and I took turns with the camera.

Dany D., Eric V., Frankie, and I…

We scootered along the wall, at about 40′, for about 15 minutes, then dropped down to the bus. I was exceptionally happy to have my “new” Santi 400g undies on (I bought them last year, but was saving them for this winter), thanks to that frigid thermocline. The bus sits at about 85′, and the temperature dropped to about 42F. We tied our scooters off, and went for a swim.

Me, peeking out from the side of the bus – at least I didn’t get thrown under it… 😉

…and coming out of the bus…

Dany, by the bus…

Steve, Eric, and Frankie…

Ok… let’s get a move-on… We picked up our scooters, and kept going.


We then came across the “computer room,” and the place that Christian St-Pierre’s mirror was placed. Note the GUE Ontario sticker, on the corner of the mirror! Steve did get a shot of the mirror, but it was a little blown out, using the strobes.

Frankie, me, Eric V. …

From there, we headed to the “restaurant,” which is beside a conveyer belt. Apparently, this conveyer belt goes down to about 280′.

Here, you see the kitchen to the left, and the dining area to the right…

The conveyer belt, in the background. It is quite large…

Me, as we were about to move up, above the thermocline…

Ok… That’s enough of that, let’s keep going… We continued around the rest of the quarry, and came back in. I was very thankful for the extra warmth of my new’ish undies, and even though it did occur to me, to add an extra weight to my harness, with the new, fluffy undies, I was still in need of a rock, for my pocket. D’oh! At least I didn’t have to look far for one. They were in abundance here, and they all had weight to them – as opposed to the ones at Morrison’s quarry. You have to search far and wide, to find one worthy of a pocket weight.

Bottom Time: 59 mins.
Max. Depth: 97′
Water Temp.: 41F (50F, above the thermocline)
Vis.: Pretty darned good!

Steve and Eric V., at the surface…

The one and only: Frankie Boy!

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 ~

Today, Steve was doing a GUE Fundies – Tech upgrade dive, and Eric B. came to join me for a dive.

Driving in, at the quarry…

Eric and I plopped in, watched the course dive for a minute or two, then headed off into the abyss. We made it to the bus stop in about 12 minutes, this time. We dropped down, had a swim and a look, then came back up, above the thermocline. It was really neat to see some of the items that have been placed along the quarry wall. There were canvases of artwork, which were really cool, and nice to look at, as we scootered by!

We passed by the conveyer belt again, and I knew that we had a little ways to go yet, before coming full circle.

As we did come in, we came up to about 30′, which is where I knew that the little round “bubbles” were, that led back to the exit. Sure enough, they appeared, and we saw the rest of the gang, doing rescues. That was good timing!

Bottom Time: 43 mins. (a little shorter than yesterday)
Max. Depth: 85′
Water Temp.: 46F (we didn’t stay as long, at depth, this time)
Vis.: Still, pretty awesome

Cold water is goodness, but it is not a producer of very flattering surface pictures, thanks to “Cold Water Pudgy Face.”
Eric B. and I…

As Cas would say… A Chantellfie! Yes, I was trying to capture the peeps in the background…
(I am totally adopting that, Cas) 🙂

Steve and I, after a fun weekend of Plongée Bonté (is that the correct wording, for “Diving Goodness,” in French?), and fun with friends!

After we spent a bit of time inside the container, warming up, we headed to a little restaurant, for some food. We ate, bid our goodbyes, then headed back on the road, to come home. Thanks to Eric’s fancy car computer, he messaged us, to warn us about an accident, and to change our route. *Phew* That was impeccable timing – about 3 km before we neared the brake lights!

Thanks to all of our friends at Plongée Nautilus, for having us, and for a great weekend!

Congratulations, to Mathieu and Anne-Marie, for completing their Fundamentals Tech Pass upgrade!! w00t w00t!!! Well done, and well earned!!!

More Fundies!

22 09 2014

Saturday, September 21st & Sunday, September 22nd, 2014 ~

Well, in order to keep what happens in Fundies, in Fundies, I will just post that…. there was a Fundies course! 🙂

The first weekend of a split weekend course, in Brockville.

Jen B. was armed with the camera, and for this course, I just floated around, and helped when I was needed. Oh, and I took some photos.

After an ascent…

This buckle will go in Denis’ museum pile!

A freighter was passing by, blaring the horns…

I can only guess that it was towards the dive boat, or the sea doo’er.

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 53 mins.
Max. Depth: 30′
Water Temp.: 64F

Bottom Time: 1 hour, 22 mins.
Max. Depth: 28′
Water Temp.: 64F

A great couple of days of Diving Goodness!