The Day After…

30 08 2008

Saturday, August 30th, 2008 ~

After my Tech 1 class, all I wanted to do was sleep… but… we went diving instead. What better to do?

Myself, Steve, Joe, and Jen boarded a charter out of NTD, where we met Christine and Mark as well. They were up for some diving goodness from the North East Underwater Explorers, and were a blast to spend the day with.

The lake was flat as a pancake, which enabled us to head out to the Katie Eccles. w00 h00! I normally get pretty seasick, so I was quite happy that the waves had subsided for the day!

The Katie Eccles is a two masted schooner, sitting in about 105′ of water. An absolutely amazing wreck. Anyone wanting to do a wreck in Ktown, I recommend this one. The bowsprit is still intact, with chains hanging from it. Such a cool wreck to dive. There are even preserves sitting on the deck, just off of the mooring line.

Picture taken by Tom Rutledge…

kattie eccles by Tom_Rutledge.

Bottom Time ~ 36 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 104′

Water Temp. ~ 54 below thermocline, 68 above

Vis. ~ 50′

A couple of people requested a shallower dive for the second dive, to which none of us minded. We were happy enough to be in the water. We headed over to the Aloha and Effie Mae. Two wrecks in one, sitting in about 54 feet of water.

The Aloha was a wooden ship, carrying coal. There are pieces of wood just about everywhere, and a bunch of fun little swim throughs. A great playground! The Effie May was actually a dive boat that was scuttled here for something extra to see.

Effie May ~ Taken by Tom Rutledge…

Bottom Time ~ 42 mins.

Max. Depth ~ 54′

Water Temp. ~ 68

Vis. ~ 40′

When we came back in, we awaited a group coming back from the Jodrey, and cooked up a storm on the BBQ. Thanks to Matt for being such a great cook!

Hopefully I’ll have a lens for my new camera soon, and I’ll be able to post my own pics again!

A wonderful day on Lake Harold!