11- Iguana Be Here Longer

9 03 2018

Friday, February 23rd, 2018 ~

This dive is brought to you by the letters LOL. After a long gap of not seeing Irene, we were finally able to dive together! We went to a Nohoch, for a nice, easy swim dive… for 3 hours. This was my last dive of the trip, since Steve and I have some gear maintenance to do, tomorrow. That, and dry our gear, pack, switch condos for the night, and maybe relax, a little.

Partial map of Nohoch…

I ran the reel, since I think I need some more practice. I tied into the main line, and our swim began. We jumped left, over to the Parker Line, where the cave has so many decorations, floor to ceiling. Such a beautiful cave, that I could spend so much time just gawking, and looking at absolutely everything. We traveled quite slowly, so that we could look at all of the gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites.

After dropping our stages (a bit early), we made another jump, followed along, going through even more decorations, and then to a T. We traveled left, went to the end, then returned, ogling incredible formations in the cave floor, and calcite sheets, before and traveling right. We arrived at another jump (right beside the line), which we followed upward, where we surfaced into a narrow, cylinder-shaped opening. Of course, we chatted, laughed, and watched a couple of bats flying around, above our heads. Back down we went, and came to a very organic part of the cave, with tree roots, and a silty bottom. We eventually turned around, and headed back.

Of course, there was upside down swimming, giggling at helictites, and having an absolute blast. We surfaced with big grins, for such an awesome dive! Although, it sure was a lot of swimming. Next time, scooters! 😛

Bottom Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes

Max. Depth: 23′

Water Temp.: 77F

Avg. Depth: 13′

When we returned to the steps, we saw an iguana that appeared to be trapped against the back of the cenote wall. There was a person reading a book, waiting for other diver friends to surface, that said he fell in, and struggled to get to the far wall. Of course… we had to attempt to “save his life.” The book lady went and got a rescue swim floaty thing, that was for the snorkelers, and I gently pushed it towards him, trying not to scare him. He didn’t move a muscle, except his eyes. He seemed to look at me, and say… “Really?”

That didn’t work, so Irene suggested that I put my fins together, to see if he would climb on (laying on my back, which is easily doable in doubles, but slightly more challenging, with a stage). That didn’t work, either.

One of the snorkeling crew came over, wondering wtf we were doing, and says, “they can swim.” I’m such a dork…

Well, we did have some more laughs about saving the swimming iguana’s life.

This is a terrible photo, but the only one I have. Photo, or it didn’t happen!

We did have a most fun-filled day! Who says that diving is all serious business??

Totally whited-out faces, taken by the book lady (also known as the swim floaty thing provider), with our iguana friend in the background. Irene, we must dive again! Five years is too long!

We swam… here…

At least my last dive of our trip was a fabulous one! Until next time, amigos! 🇲🇽

AGGAST…With A Little Bit Of Awesome Sauce! Part 3 of 4.

13 09 2011

Monday, September 5th, 2011 ~

Today, we were diving with Bandito Charters! Very cool boat!

We pulled up to the ramp, and brought our gear down…

We then met the Captain and the First Mate!

Once we were all aboard, we set sail for Sunrise Reef. We were right on for the slack tide timing, so in we went. I think I have been here before! Lol. We saw more GPOs, Wolfies, cool looking fish, crabs, cucumbers, sun stars, and so many other creatures that I am just not used to seeing in fresh water!

We had yet another excellent dive, and of course, there was no Shenaniganry had at all. Nope, none…

Bottom Time: 49 mins.
Max. Depth: 61′
Water Temp.: 55F

Definite Goodness was had!

While we made our way to our next destination, there was soup, brownies, cheese bread, and other delicious omnoms for us to feast on. I still can’t get over how amazing it is to have full kitchens aboard these boats!! It really is incredible, the service that we got out here. I “heart” the charters here! Not to mention, that there are some pretty fantastic people here, too!

Our next dive was at Z’s Reef. Another most excellent dive with Laurynn, that involved many tears of laughter, mask flooding, and hella fun. I don’t think I could get bored, diving out here. There is way too much to see, and most fun had!

Bottom Time: 58 mins.
Max. Depth: 58′
Water Temp.: 53F

I am not sure which of the two dives it was, but as Laurynn and I were ascending, we noticed a big Lion’s Mane Jelly Fish, about 40′ away from us. We were hovering at 20′, and making each other laugh, when I saw what appeared to be a bit of filament in front of me.. Um.. yeah.. that wasn’t filament. That was Jelly tentacle.. and there was another one. *Signaled to Laurynn… next stop, up!* *Phew!* Lol.. Crisis averted!

Catching some Zzz’s, after Z’s reef…

Do not forget to stay hydrated, while complying with Rule #6!

This would surely make a nice dive boat!

When we returned to shore, we packed up, unloaded gear, then back to Laurynn’s. It was time to shift shop! Since our AGGAST sister Laurynn had to be up silly early, Karen and I went to a hotel. Not before we went for some delicious Indian food!

Thank you so much for everything, Laurynn, Karen, and Kathryn!!! Thank you to everyone that loaned us gear, tanks, fills, lights, and drove us around! It really was such an amazing experience, to be here. I *heart* Seattle. 🙂

Karen and I checked in to our hotel, relaxed, then went and met Lamont for a bevvie, at a really cool place, just up the road from us!

Another excellent adventure in Seattle!!

Stay tuned for Part 4 of 4!

AGGAST…With A Little Bit Of Awesome Sauce! Part 2 of 4.

12 09 2011

Sunday, September 4th, 2011 ~

Today, we were going out on Scott Boyd’s Boat – Dive Bum!

It was cool to have a full kitchen and head on board. We are not used to this kind of thing, in our area!

Our first dive was on the Day Island Wall. The goal of the dive, was to find GPOs and Wolf Eels. Since Laurynn is known as the Octo Whisperer, I was optimistic! We managed to find both, quite quickly. I also think I did ok, for my first creature hunting attempt! The first GPO that I found, was hidden deep into a crack, and did show a hint of orange colour, which I was able to spot! It was a little like Where’s Waldo, at first ! I wasn’t sure how I would react, seeing an octo, as they kind of freak me out.. coming from me, who had never seen one. I was quite wide-eyed with excitement! 

We were looking in a hole, watching a pair of Wolfies, which was extremely cool. Laurynn had her video camera, so once I had a good look, I backed up a bit, for her to get some footage. Kathryn and Karen were also near us, and came up for a look. Kathryn had her stills camera too, so I backed up a little more, to give everyone some room. As I did this, I looked down… “LAURYNN!!! LOOK!!” Ok.. I didn’t yell it, but that about sums up my level of enthusiasm. I signaled Laurynn… There was a Wolfie, right out in the open! Wait a sec.. What’s that on his back? Is it a.. a.. Holy smokes.. it is.. There was a small octopus on his back!

Yes, there was photographic evidence! Pic by Kathryn Arant!

There is also videographic evidence! Video by Laurynn Evans Bugles/Seainggreen!

So.. on my first Seattle boat dive, we see something as spectacular as this. What else was in store for us??

Bottom Time: 53 mins.
Max. Depth: 77′
Water Temp.: 53F

After our dive, Scott fired up the BBQ, and Janet made us brownies! What kind of service is that??? 🙂

For the second dive, we went to Sunrise Reef. We were waiting for slack tide to “arrive,” and as we waited, we noticed that the kelp went from being completely sideways, to standing up, with ease.  It was time to splash in! There seemed to be a bit of a surface current, so we did a quick gear check, and down we went. It seemed that it was a bit of a pain to fin against the current, and all I could think of was, “This is slack tide?” Lol! It was like that for about 10 minutes, then.. whoosh.. gone. No current at all. I guess the kelp fooled us on the way down, and the current had a little extra for us, before letting up. It was much nicer, now. 🙂 We found more octos and wolfies, and had quite a lot of fun, playing amongst the sea life.

Surfacing to this, is really not difficult…

Bottom Time: 42 mins.
Max. Depth: 60′
Water Temp.: 53F

Yeah… I think I could really get used to diving here. This place rocks, just a little bit…

After our dives, Scott and Janet took us to a really cool little restaurant, on the water.

AGGAST sisters, after another most excellent day of Diving Goodness!!



 Stay tuned for Part 3!


AGGAST…With A Little Bit Of Awesome Sauce! Part 1 of 4.

10 09 2011

Friday, September 2nd, 2011 ~

Short and sweet… Flight landed at Sea Tac, at about 10pm. Picked up luggage, met Kathryn (thank goodness), and headed to Casa Evans Bugles! Settled in, put gear together, and sleeeeeeeep….  

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 ~

Up and at ’em! We headed to the ferry, to go over to Keystone Jetty, for the GUE Community Dive and BBQ, that Koos had arranged.

Taking in a few sights, as we waited for the ferry…

On the ferry…

We arrived to a full parking lot, where we greeted many really wonderful people. Some, I knew from before, and some, I was finally able to put faces to internet names. After socializing a little, we decided to gear up for Dive 1! 

As we were gearing up, we chatted, laughed, and.. well.. Then there was Doug, teaching Park Ranger Randy how to use a condom cath. Yes, this really happened. I can’t make this stuff up…

Time to dive!

Dive 1 – Holy smokes… So much life! This would be my first salt water dive since my AOW dives, in 2005. Diving in fresh water all the time, we really do not get to see all of this underwater wonder. There were so many ling cod, and they were definitely not afraid of us, or shy. I had a few swim right up to my face, which was both a bit strange, and utterly delightful. Laurynn was helping out, so did not get in for the first dive. Kathryn, Karen, and I had a grand ol’ time!

Bottom Time: 45 mins.
Max. Depth: 40′
Water Temp.: 53F

After our dive, we were graced with some wonderful BBQ, delicious nacho dip, chips, fruit, and some fantastic company. Koos and Jeannine rock!

Dive 2 – All four of us went in! We stayed in the same area, and were in two teams of two, although still stayed relatively together. We saw the same things, but it was neat to really focus, and look for some of the smaller life. There were crabs of all different varieties and sizes, more big ol’ ling cod, anemones, and even a giant lion’s mane jelly fish. It was a good thing he didn’t have any tentacles (which was odd, apparently). What a cool looking creature! I had never seen one like this!

Bottom Time: 45 mins.
Max. Depth: 52′
Water Temp.: 50F/52F

What an excellent day, and it was really awesome to see friends, and to meet some that I have only met online! Great way to kick off the diving!! 

When we returned back to Chez Laurynn, we had a little get-together, that included The Biebs, The Princess, and The Pokeman Pig…

Doug also tried to convince us that it was entirely possible to pop a cork from a wine bottle, with a rock and a shoe. Let’s just say that the shoe suffered a terrible fate… and I still think that Koos won that bet…

It was also really nice of Ben to join us, wearing his team shirt…

An awesome day of Diving Goodness, in Seattle! w00t!

Stay tuned for Part 2!