Ktown In August!

20 08 2007

August 17th, 18th, & 19th, 2007 ~

I was looking forward to going to Ktown on Saturday morning, to do a nice, relaxing shore dive with some of the gang, and to fix some of the line that had been broken in a few places at the site. Steve was playing hockey on Friday night, and had decided that he didn’t want to make the early rise to drive to Ktown.

Ok.. let’s figure out what on earth we can do so that I can dive my doubles out of my little Honda Civic ~ 2 Door Coupe ~ Not the most desired Dive Gear Transportation Unit…

We started brainstorming, and came up with this…

…with tanks…

…with stages…

I also have two small Rubbermaid tubs placed on either side for removing wet gloves, hood, masks etc.

We finally got it done at about 1 am.

The alarm went off early (way earlier than it should have, so it seemed..) Lol.. and after pressing the snooze button a couple of times, I got up, loaded up the water and yes, Kool-Aid , and off I drove to Kingston, to meet up with James, Dan, and Igor.

Our mission was to fix up the lines at the Stacked Hulls and/or Nicholson’s Point. I arrived at about 12 minutes past the agreed time, to which I felt horrible about (not really), and greeted Captain Tom and Mistress Polly. They had informed me that James had just called, and wasn’t going to be there until 10am… DOHHH… Igor was there, and opted to leave and come back, so I just became a dive shop bum for a little while. (Yeah… like I’ve never done that before?).

At least there were people there that I knew, that were loading up for charters, so I had people to chat with, as well as helped out a bit in the shop, and did a muffin run.

James finally made it into town, and once all the camera stuff and line was ready, off we went to the Stacked Hulls entrance.

Doh.. bad move. There happened to be a sailing boat regatta going on, and half the place was cordoned off, so we headed to Nicholson’s Point.

We ended up doing quite a relaxed dive, fixed the line, and worked on some skills. Not a whole bunch to see, but there is a nice wall, once you get past the old river bed, that contains some pretty cool iron ore formations in about 80ish feet. There’s one that looks like a fire pit.

On the way back, we picked up the pieces of the old line, attached and ran new line in the broken areas.

Bottom Time ~ 54 mins.
Water Temp ~ 67 below thermocline at 49′, 69 above
Max Depth ~ 84′

Today is another garage fix day. It’s coming along quite nicely. I’ll post more pics later! The new trunk rack worked amazingly, I am very happy with it. I did purchase some rubber matting today though, to put on top of it. I bought enough to leave a flap over the lip of the trunk as well. I’ll post that when I’ve done it too!

Garage Developments ~ Sunday, August 19th, 2007 ~

Well, we finally got the walls insulated, primed, and painted. We picked up some shelves (I will take pics when we have stuff on them), and mounted the booster.

Here are pics of the latest developments!!

Steve built some small shelves below the booster for “bits ‘n’ bites.” He is putting in the chain around the T Cylinders as we speak.

Ok.. I caught a pic…

I guess now we’ll have to find a spot for all the actual “garage” stuff now. Tire lifts, garbage bins and recycling bins etc. just don’t have a place in the dive storage area!!