Labour Day Weekend ~ 2007

4 09 2007

September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2007 ~

Saturday ~ Well, it was a sad weekend for me as far as diving was concerned. We ventured out to the local dive shop for some fills, and so I could add another ‘loved one’ to my dive gear collection…

If you notice in the picture, it didn’t even make it all the way home without its first scratch on it…or 4… 

Another pic with some of its new kin…

They were out of sling kits for 80s (well.. the one that I wanted.. *cough*… H… *cough*) so I just got the tank. Our local shop has a fantastic deal on tanks. You buy the tank, you get the tank’s value in nitrox fills. With $5 a fill, it’s a sweet deal. Soo… when your fill cards run out, you just buy another tank!

We then made the dreaded trip down to Dive Tech… I say dreaded, as it’s always where I fear I will spend the most money. We do this trip just about every weekend, so I have learned to leave the wallet in the dive gear transportation unit.

Lucky for me, Dan had some *cough* H *cough* 80 sling kits, so I picked one up there.

By the time we left there, it was getting late for a dive, but we did check out some prospective shore dive sites… We wish we had more friends with waterfront property in Brockville… We opted to grab some dinner and head home.

Sunday ~ Steve was doing a big scooter dive, and I had a couple of options for diving, but I opted to drive to Kingston. I did bring my gear (duhhhh), but my main reason for going, was the decision to finally get a new freakin’ drysuit. I’ve decided to part ways with my… ‘beloved’ leaky Whites suit, and make the jump to a TLS350 Signature Series.

Yes, I was hoping to dive, but my main reason for going was to get measured. Sadly, I couldn’t get on the afternoon charter, so it was another diveless day for me. I hereby declare myself void of any complaining, as I was getting my drysuit ordered.

I ended up meeting Steve and Kevin in Brockville, for dinner on my way back. All three of us had eyes bigger than our stomachs…

Monday ~ Steve and I had really big hopes of getting out and diving! Well… sorta.. I was really wanting to get out and dive, but Steve was really pooped, and I was pretty comfy on the couch too. We don’t often get a chance to sit around, lounge, and watch movies, so that’s exactly what we did!

Although I didn’t get to dive, I did get my very own stage bottle (Steve will be happy to have the use of the rest of his back…), ordered my DUI, and got to chill out with my fella.

I’d say it was a pretty good long weekend!

Coming soon… a trip back to TO for a dive in the Humber River



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