A Trip To The Mighty T Dot And Back To The Quarry!

8 09 2007

Thursday, September 6th ~ 2007 ~

Well, my job brought me back to the mighty T Dot (Toronto) for a Promo Products trade show, and what better way to end a day, than to go for a dip in the Humber River after? I didn’t arrive in TO until about midnight, Thursday morning, as I was still working until 7pm in the office, then made the 5 hour drive. I got a hotel room, crashed, and rose to the free Continental Breaky! mmmmmmm… English Muffins…. It was kind of nice to be back home (waiver… I’m still happy I made the move!)

So… on my feet all day, a little weary, and off to meet Jen and Ritchard for a dive! I was a bit early, as was Ritchard, so we waited for Jen. Jen called… “Not far now, on the 404.” Now, the 404 really isn’t far from Humber Bay, but for anyone that has ever been in Toronto rush hour traffic, will know that she was about an hour out. As much as I like my friend, I still had a 5 hour drive ahead of me to get back home after, so she told us to go ahead.

We geared up, got in, and down we went. Humber really isn’t the most fascinating dive site, but it’s a place to get wet in the middle of the city. There are culverts, Barbies, road signs, mannequins, and a friendly rooster named, Dick the Cock.

Here are some pics from previous dives there…

The bike…

Neighbourhood Watch…


We descended with vis at about 5′, went through the culverts, and went out to a new line. Vis was pretty stinky, and the gobies weren’t helping. The silt was so loose, that when they scurried, they really kicked it up (nope…wasn’t even me, I swear!). The new line got even stinkier… Vis went from 5′ to about 6″ in a hurry. We decided to turn it. All I could hear in my head was Wooferbitch, “I do not dive in milk.” 

Vis at Humber is never really great, unless the wind is coming from the north. We’ve actually done a night dive there, where you could see as far as your light would shine. Not so much today.

Bottom Time ~ 29 mins.
Water Temp. ~ A very surprising 68 (high for the Lake)
Max. Depth ~ 29′
Vis. ~ 0′ – 5′

We surfaced to find Jen waiting for us, for a friendly hello. We chatted for a bit, then I made the 5 hour trip back home. I did have to stop along the way, to sell my Jacket BC that has been sitting around for a while. Really awesome people too! So, that put me home at about 2:30am, and I still had to unpack my gear. I made it to bed by 3!

Friday, September 7th ~ 2007~

Blah Blah Blah… up early, to work.. blah blah…Get home… pack the gear, and off to Morrison’s Quarry in Wakefield, Quebec for some skills! W00H00!

Ok, my eyes and my butt were both dragging on the ground, so I didn’t have very high hopes for my skills dive tonight. Steve and I got in, did valve drills, air shares, then moved on to the plane. Vis was a bit stinky here too! I’ve been working on my freakin’ back fin forever, it seems, and tonight it finally paid off. I freakin’ back finned. I was so happy, I think I swam backwards for about a half hour. Sometimes pretty, sometimes not so pretty, but dammit, I was doing it.  We did some air shares, no mask drills, and had a freakin’ great dive!

Bottom Time ~ 59 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 28′
Water Temp. ~ 71
Vis. ~ 10′

Today, Steve is off for a “Big Boy” dive with Leigh, and I am prepping for our BBQ tonight! More dive news tomorrow!



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