OO… Is That The Quarry, You Say?

3 02 2008

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008 ~Steve, Jeremy, Kevin, and I headed up to… where, you ask? Morrison’s Quarry!… to work on.. what??…SKILLS! w00t w00t!


We had some fun, as usual, shovelling the entire path to the entry point, cutting the hole, and getting our schtuff together. The boyz took turns shovelling. We got in, dropped down, and Steve and I did our valve drills, and Kevin and Jeremy headed to the plane, running the line. Steve and I did our thing, played around, and headed to the plane as well. I worked on my back fin, and tried to keep my trim in check, as I haven’t been as consistant in the water lately, so I have to work a bit harder these days. We hovered around the plane for a while, and Steve and I took turns handing a stage bottle back and forth, then played a bit of Paddy Cakes… Jeremy and Kevin were practicing handing bottles back and forth as well, but way more than just one. We loaded Kevin up with all of them, and I think he had about 7 bottles attached to him at one point. After a bit, I started to get a bit chilly, so Steve and I headed back in, to be greeted at the entry by some other friends, just arriving for a dive. Blake, Steve S., Rob W, Matt B., and Mike G. were gearing up!

Bottom Time ~ 40 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 39
Max. Depth ~ 27′
Vis. ~ Freakin’ awesome ~ 200’+ ~ When leaving the plane, we could see our friends’ stage bottles in the water, below the entry!

Mike G. did take some pictures, but I don’t have permission to post them.. yet! :p

OO.. and I had a dry dive!