OO.. The Quarry!

5 04 2008

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 ~

Well, Steve had to work on Saturday, but managed to leave a bit early, so off we went…

Where, you ask?? OO!! The quarry!!!

It was an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day, and we stopped by Leigh’s new house, to see the improvements they made.. and… his…


It fits like a freakin’ glove… looks like a cave cut suit! Lucky pants!!
We then headed up to the quarry (without Leigh), and went for a splash. The ice on the beach is starting to melt a bit, but our “Pentagon” ice hole was still there, and open! It was even safe enough to use. If the weather holds out this week, we should see a good chunk of open water next weekend!

We dropped down, did our Valve drills, S Drills, and headed out. We dropped down to the sub, played around a bit, then did a timed ascent up to the plane. We played around, worked on finning techniques, then I brought the reel in. A good, fun, relaxing dive!!

Bottom Time ~ 35 mins.
Water Temp. ~ 38
Max. Depth ~ 57′
Vis. ~ Still Wicked!!

Next week… The whole gang shebang is headed down to Rockport!

Stay tuned!!!



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