The River Is Open!!!

13 04 2008

Saturday, April 12th, 2008 ~A gaggle of us gathered down in Rockport, for the first river dive of the season! Myself, Steve, Francois, Eric V., Kevin, Oren, Sean M., Jen B., Jeremy, Anne, and Harold hit the water in Rockport! Oren and Sean went out to the Kinghorn, while the rest of us went off to the South West, to what’s left of an old Rum Runner. Vis wasn’t the greatest, but it was so good to get back in the river again!! The quarry is great for winter diving, but it’s very refreshing to hit the river again!!!


Bottom Time ~ 53 minutes
Max. Depth ~ 65′
Water Temperature ~ 36…made it to 37 at one point, but I just couldn’t make it any warmer!
Vis.~ Only about 30′

Here are some pics from the day!

Kevin, Tom, and Anne…

Tom is sporting one of our new “We Go Down” hoodies (there is also cool printing on the back of them)!!


Harold and Anne…


Sean M….


Jen B….


Oren and Jeremy…




Steve, Eric V., and Frankie…


Steve & I… with Kevin making a cameo appearance…


Jeff from Rockport Dive Centre.. our gracious host!


OO.. and me ‘n’ my P Valve!


Sunday, April 13th, 2008 ~

While today is Woofybeotch’s milestone Birthday, we were not able to get him out for a dive. Instead, Steve, Francois, Eric, and I went for a skills dive at the quarry. Eric is going to be taking fundies this year, and we were showing him some of the skills that would be expected of him. Most of the quarry is open water too!!

Steve, after he and I had done our valve drills…


Steve ran a line to the plane, then we dropped down to the sub, and worked on ascents. Mine didn’t go as well as I had planned, and I got frustrated with myself.. pft.. I was also starting to get a bit chilly. We dropped back down to the plane, swam around a bit, then went back down to the sub for another ascent. Much better this time around, for everyone.

Me… chillin’ before we went to the plane…






Steve… and Steve, playing silly buggers… The ice was just slushy, so he stuck his head through it…


..and this one… My Sweetie…

Bottom Time ~ 59 minutes
Water Temperature ~ 40
Max. Depth ~ 57′
Vis. ~ Freakin’ wicked… about 150′

We went for the usual debriefing at Jean Burger, over some butt-growing Poutine!

Yet another wonderful weekend of diving and playing with friends!



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