Quarry Time Again!

19 06 2008

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 ~Steve and I headed up to the quarry, to meet Martin R for some skillz! It’s been miserable and rainy since last Friday, but the rain seemed to be holding out! I was using my E8-130s again, and wanted to just get used to them. Descending with these suckers goes pretty quickly, so I wanted to work on that a bit, as well as making sure my trim was in check. T1 is fast approaching. We dropped down to about 6′, did our valve and S drills, then went down to the sub for an ascent. I was doing the timing. Steve launched a bag as a reference point. I was pretty pleased with the ascent, although a little slow coming up from 30′. We surfaced, discussed, then dropped down to retrieve the bag, and swam over to the plane. Martin worked on his back fin, I played with my buoyoancy, and backfinning, and Steve did a blind ascent, using a blown bag line for reference…. That was pretty cool… We played around a bit, flipped upside down (on purpose…Lol…), and Steve blew water rings. We then headed in, happy with our fun skillz dive!!


Bottom Time ~ 53 mins.
Max. Depth ~ 53′
Water Temp. ~ 57 & 61
Vis. ~ 50’ish

Steve had also gone to the happy store, and filled up our garage!!



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